The Cavity Combline (CCL) program from SW Filter Design is used to design and realize cavity combline type filters with exact equal ripple (Chebyshev) passband response using an equal diameter round rod conductor array. CCL is menu driven with all required design parameters in a single menu. The program provides all dimensions required for fabrication and a complete analysis capability. Knowledge of network synthesis, equivalent circuits or circuit transformations is NOT required to use this program. The program provides on screen help for all required inputs by means of a dialog window below the main menu. The program is also extensively error trapped to eliminate unrealistic or inappropriate parameter entries.

The output data file created by CCL contains all dimensions required for fabrication of the filter and the filter equivalent circuit. Equivalent circuits can also be generated in Touchstone format and in NI AWR Microwave Office. An S-parameter file is automatically generated for use with other simulators. Optional add on programs are available to automatically build 3D FEM models in ANSYS HFSS or CST Microwave Studio.

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