Surface-mount Schottky Mixer and Detector Diodes
These quad devices are available in low, medium and high barrier designs; and as ring, crossover and bridge quads, and octoquad rings in industry-standard SOT-143 packages. These quad configurations are designated for use as low noise figure, wide dynamic range, double-balanced mixers and modulators in high volume wireless applications. The surface-mount Schottky diodes are 100 percent DC tested and deliver tight parameter distribution, minimizing product performance variability. Price: 17¢ for the model SMS 1546-001 low barrier detector and mixer diode (12,000).
Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA
(800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (508) 628-4702, ext. 306.

GaAs Heterojunction FETs
The model NE38018 heterojunction GaAs FET features low noise figure and high output third-order input (IP3) and are designed for 1 to 3 GHz commercial receiver applications. Housed in an ultra-miniature plastic surface-mount SOT-343 package, the unit can be used in PCS, Global Positioning System (GPS) and other portable applications. Performance features at 2 GHz include a +23 dBm output IP3, 0.6 dB noise figure and 14.5 dB gain. Price: 95¢ (100,000).
California Eastern Labs (CEL),
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-3500.