RFSL2536-A30RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for the Iso-Attenuator model RFSL2536-A30 from RF Circulator Isolator Inc (RFCI). RFCI Iso-Attenuators protect active components from distortion or potentially damaging reflected power while providing a convenient, attenuated port for monitoring RF power. As part of a feedback loop, the 30dB attenuated signal allows RF power to be regulated.

The RFSL2536-A30 is capable of handling 1000 W peak / 200 W average forward power and 100 W CW reverse power into the on-board, 30 dB attenuator. Spanning 1920 to 2125 MHz, the RFCI RFSL2536-A30 provides >23 dB typical port-to-port isolation while maximum insertion loss is 0.25 dB.

Offered in a 25.4x19x8mm drop-in, tabbed package, the RFSL2536-A30 is a robust alternative to individual isolator / directional coupler designs.