Pole/Zero released their new line of NANO-ERF™ tunable bandpass filters covering the entire military tactical radio band of 30 to 520 MHz while fitting in a low-profile package measuring 1.1” x 1.1”x 0.216” (28  x 28  x 5.5 mm).

The NANO-ERF™ combines SMT capability with +6 dBm in-band and +20 dBm out-of-band RF power handling, +16 dBm IIP3, low IL (5 dB typical in a 6% filter), 27 μs typical tune time and remarkable selectivity (20 dBc @ fc ± 15% for 6% BW) for a compact device. NANO-ERF™ filters tune using a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and are fully pre-aligned by Pole/Zero for labor savings and ease of use.

These low-cost bandpass filters are commonly used in applications where small size, low power, and high performance are needed such as military handheld radios, radar systems, SATCOM, test and measurement systems and additional commercial applications.

Visit Pole/Zero at www.polezero.com for more information.