RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for the CT2010D from EMC Technology. The CT2010D diamond termination offers 300 W CW power handling in a chip size (2.67 x 5.21 mm), SMT package. EMC Diamond RF Resistives® offer high performance in compact packages. EMC’s CVD Diamond terminations surpass BeO and AlN terminations with operation up to 30 GHz.

The CT2010D VSWR is specified at 1.30:1 max. for applications to 6 GHz and 1.40:1 max. for operation from 6 to 12 GHz. Typical VSWR is <1.20:1. EMC diamond chip terminations are wire bondable or solderable with pure gold input pads. Made with a rugged, passivated TaN film, they are moisture resistant  and S-level approved. EMC Diamond Rf Resistives® are designed for applications requiring optimum power handling in a small footprint such as phased array radar, high frequency and high power isolators, filters, amplifiers and communication systems. Nominal impedance of the CT2010D is 50 ohms.            

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