DS Instruments introduces the SG6000L, a small, compact but full featured RF signal generator that covers the 25 MHz to 6 GHz band. An optional doubler extends coverage to 12 GHz. The SG6000 maximum output level is above +6 dBm across all its bands. The SG6000L is fully synthesized to a 10 MHz reference using modern fractional N methods. External or internal 10 MHz reference is supported. The minimum step size is 4 KHz in its top octave band. Minimum step size decreases by 2 with each sub-octave band.

The SG6000L has a complete front panel user interface. The front panel buttons enable frequency and level to be entered. Frequency, level and other instrument information are displayed on its front panel OLED display.

The SG6000L is a PC compatible instrument. The SG functions of frequency and level can be programed over the USB port using industry standard SCPI commands.  The USB port is configured as an industry standard COM port. For more information see www.dsinstruments.com