Modelithics, Inc., in partnership with TriQuint Semiconductor, has released the latest update to the growing library of high-accuracy non-linear simulation models for TriQuint gallium nitride (GaN) transistors. The TriQuint GaN library, v1.5.0, now contains precision models for 29 of TriQuint's most popular GaN transistors, including the T1G2028536-FL, T1G4012036-FS, and T2G4005528-FS package format transistors, and TGF2023-2-01, TGF2023-2-10, and TGF2954 die format transistors, to name a few.

The TriQuint GaN transistor models have been developed using trusted Modelithics measurements and modeling technology. Each model has been validated over multiple measurements, including multi-bias S-parameters, pulsed IV, single-tone power and load pull at various frequencies. The models have broadband non-linear performance predictability, and offer temperature scaling capability. Advanced design features included with many of the models include scalable operating voltage, control of self-heating effects, and access to intrinsic voltage/current nodes for I/V waveform analysis.

TriQuint's GaN-based solutions offer greater power density, efficiency, frequency range and ruggedness. These qualities enable RF systems to use less electricity, operate with less input voltage and deliver greater RF output power while reducing amplifier size and part counts.

Modelithics president & CEO Larry Dunleavy noted, "This partnership in GaN modeling with TriQuint represents a new format for getting designers tooled with the models they need for design success, with the supplier sponsoring the maintenance, support and distribution of a professionally managed and well documented software library consisting of state-of-the-art non-linear temperature dependent models. We are very pleased to be supporting TriQuint customers in this way."

"TriQuint's partnership with Modelithics will provide designers with precise models for exceptional simulation development," said TriQuint Vice President of IDP Engineering, Brian Balut. "We're excited that production-ready system designs and simulations can now be developed using models of TriQuint's industry leading GaN transistor technology."

The TriQuint GaN models are currently available for FREE download and use by approved TriQuint customers. The model request link can be found at the website address below:

Each model comes with a model datasheet, which provides detailed information about the model development, features, usage and performance plots. For more information on accessing the new TriQuint GaN Transistor Library, contact Modelithics at 813-866-6335, or email