Narda Safety Test Solutions has announced a new generation of RF analyzers: NRA RX. These 19” rack mount devices analyze RF signals up to 6 GHz in the frequency and time domains, and exhibit receiver characteristics at the same time, thanks to a new high frequency receiver section, making them ideal for radio monitoring applications.

There are two models available: NRA-3000 RX (9 kHz – 3 GHz) and NRA-6000 RX (9 kHz – 6 GHz). Both models are equipped with an RF module that has been specially developed for low phase noise and low intrinsic interference. The analyzers can yield spectrums comprised of up to 600,000 frequency points with time resolutions as fine as around 30 nanoseconds. Unusually high channel bandwidths can be captured with the intermediate frequency bandwidths of up to 32 MHz.

The devices are primarily designed for use in automated and remote controlled measuring systems. A 10 MHz reference input is provided for synchronization to the system frequency, while stand-alone operation with a PC is also possible.

With software, users can freely define up to 500 channels or frequency ranges to be monitored. The demodulation function makes it possible to directly hear FM, AM, USB, LSB and CW signals using external headphones.