CMD196Custom MMIC, (, a developer of performance-driven monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), is pleased to announce the release of the CMD196, a DC-28 GHz, non-reflective, SPDT switch in die form, to their growing line of control products.

Covering DC to 28 GHz, the CMD196 features low insertion loss of 1.75 dB, high isolation of 46 dB, and port return losses better than -15 dB at 14 GHz. A pair of complimentary voltage lines at 0 / -5 V control the switching action without the need for an external bias supply. Switching speed is typically 1.8 nS.

The CMD196 is a general purpose, broadband, high-isolation, non-reflective MMIC SPDT switch in die form. Optimum applications for the new switch are microwave radio and VSAT, telecom infrastructure, test instrumentation, and military end-use.

To download the full datasheet for the CMD196 SPDT, non-reflective Switch, visit the Custom MMIC Product Library.