TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc., a leading RF solutions supplier and technology innovator,  announced that its filter technology advancements are providing breakthrough performance by achieving unmatched temperature stability. TriQuint’s specialty LowDrift™ and NoDrift™ filters utilize the company’s proprietary technology processes to tackle some of the industry’s toughest LTE interference challenges.

As more LTE frequency bands are squeezed next to existing bands worldwide to accommodate skyrocketing mobile traffic usage, interference problems are increasing significantly. Traditional filter technologies often are unable to meet the most challenging interference requirements, particularly for temperature-sensitive applications. TriQuint has developed fabrication processes which dramatically improve filter temperature stability, resulting in less service disruptions, fewer dropped calls, improved insertion loss and mobile device battery life, and an overall enhanced user experience. TriQuint’s LowDrift™ technologies for surface and bulk acoustic wave (SAW and BAW) filters decrease temperature drift significantly, and its newest NoDrift™ technologies can virtually eliminate it.

"As temperature stability becomes a more critical filter performance factor, TriQuint's NoDrift™ and LowDrift™ filter processes solve band coexistence problems which our customers are unable to address with any other technology," said Sean Riley, TriQuint's Vice President of Mobile Products. “We plan to expand our premium filter portfolio significantly in the months ahead as we continue to capitalize on the need for highly specialized filtering solutions and drive higher addressable content opportunities."

Analysts are predicting demand for high-performance filters to increase even further as LTE deployments accelerate worldwide. "We expect premium filter sales to continue to out-strip expectations near-term, and with less than 10% of world subscribers on LTE, peak filter demand remains years away," said Edward Snyder, managing director of Charter Equity Research.

TriQuint's premium filters are supporting more than 50 unique customers worldwide and have garnered multiple reference design wins with all major chipset providers. To learn more about how TriQuint is solving LTE interference challenges with advanced NoDrift and LowDrift filters, visit To locate our distributors, resellers or field sales representatives, see