What:    The “Solutions for RF Power Amplifier Testapplication noteprovides insight into making faster, repeatable RF power amplifier tests with envelope tracking and digital pre-distortion using a range of test system techniques, and modular signal generation and analysis.

The Solutions for Implementing Envelop Tracking in Power Amplifiersapplication noteprovides insight into fast and efficient configuration and test of envelope tracking systems – from R&D to design verification and into production - using a range of flexible and accurate hardware and software solutions.

These are the newest in the series of Keysight Power of Wireless application notes designed to provide a better understanding into the intricacies of the continuously evolving wireless industry and to help users accelerate development of their products.


When:    Available today


Where:   To obtain the application notes “Solutions for RF Power Amplifier Test” (5991-4607EN)and “Solutions for Implementing Envelope Tracking in Power Amplifiers” (5992-0137EN) or other  application notes go to www.keysight.com/find/powerofwireless, registration is required.


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