Self-contained Conducted Immunity Transient Generator
The model CWS500 transient generator meets IEC 1000-4-6 and other specifications for conducted immunity and requires only a coupling/decoupling network for operation. No other peripheral equipment, such as a synthesizer, voltmeter, signal generator, PC or amplifier, is required. The generator contains an amplifier and tests at 15 mW to 25 W (nom) from 9 kHz to 240 MHz. SWR is 1.1 at all phase angles and at maximum power. RS-232 (1200 to 19,600 baud) and parallel IEEE interfaces are included. Printer control is available through the interface. Size: 19.00" x 5.25" x 19.00".
Amplifier Research,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181.

Circular Cavity
The model 400L circular cavity is fabricated with low thermal coefficient of expansion materials for measuring e and tand of slow expanding dielectrics up to 200°C. Typical materials for characterization include epoxy resins, Teflon, Ultem, circuit board composites, foams and glass or quartz balloons. The operating bandwidth is @2 to 30 GHz with common scalar or vector analyzers under the instrument control of the company’s CAVITY software package. Larger- and smaller-size cavities are available.
Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200.

Universal Cable Tester
The model 205 portable, stand-alone cable/harness tester can be used for testing any type of wired assembly with up to 128 points. A universal connector card is designed to accept up to 28 of the most commonly used cable connectors. The tester detects opens, shorts and miswires in less than 50 ns. The unit incorporates a user-configurable connector card that allows the user to mix/match connector types. The connector card plugs into the tester with two 96-pin DIN connectors. A test probe is provided for single-wire identification or troubleshooting. Weight: 6 lb. Size: 13.8" x 9.0" x 2.1". The tester is equipped with a DC 12 to 14 V, 500 mA AC adapter, universal connector card and probe. Price: $895 each.
B+K Precision,
Chicago, IL
(773) 725-9252.

High Speed PCI Interface Card
The model HP 82350A high-speed, 16-bit card is designed to access and control instruments from a PC. The card’s built-in buffering decouples HP-IB transfers from peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus transfers and provides input/output and system performance superior to direct memory access. Data being transferred from the instrument to the PC can be accepted by the buffer even if the PC is busy. The unit allows data transfers of up to 750 kbps and includes standard instrument control language and virtual instrument software architecture software that is compatible with all of the company’s previous versions for Windows ’95 and NT. Price: $495. Delivery: eight weeks.
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 452-4844, ext. 5714.

High Density Scanner Card
The model 7035 nine-bank, 1 x 4 multiplexer, high density switching card is designed for use in the company’s models 7001 and 7002 two- and 10-slot switch systems, respectively. The card combines nine 1 x 4 multiplexers on a single card that can be combined for a wide variety of switching configurations using external connections. The card’s nine banks can be interconnected into a single-path matrix, which enables any one of four input pairs to be switched to any one of four output pairs. In addition, larger multiplexer configurations can be created by placing multiplexer outputs in parallel. The amount of switching hardware required is reduced due to the unit’s flexibility, high channel count and small size, producing highly efficient use of scanner slots and low cost of $42 per switching channel. The unit is equipped with a 96-pin male DIN connector for connections to external circuitry. Price: $1495. Delivery: four weeks (ARO).
Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(800) 552-1115 or (216) 248-0400.

High Performance Oscilloscope Probes
These high performance oscilloscope probes are designed, rated and specified to match the bandwidth of the particular instrument being used, resulting in the probe’s frequency response essentially being transparent. When used with instruments with 1 MW input resistance, the probes can handle frequencies up to 300 MHz. The units are rated at 600 V (DC plus peak AC) and feature bandwidths ranging from 30 to 300 MHz. Price: $45 to $92 each.
ITT Pomona Electronics,
Pomona, CA
(909) 469-2900.

High Density Modular DAQ System
The ProDAQ™ series data acquisition system (DAQ) is designed for use in applications covering functional test, design development and scientific research. With eight interface ports available for function cards, the system features up to 192 analog/digital (A/D) channels, 128 D/A channels or 384 digital input/output channels, 192 analog input channels or 128 analog output channels on a single versa module Eurocard extension for instrumentation bus (VXIbus) slot. The platform’s modules are fully VXIbus compliant, are supplied with full-function VXI plug-and-play-compatible drivers and operate with LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW. Price: starts at $1695. Delivery: eight to 12 weeks (ARO).
Racal Instruments Inc.,
Irvine, CA
(800) 722-2528 or (714) 859-8999.

Development Kit
The model DEV045 development board is designed for use with the company’s model SX045 spread spectrum transceiver IC. The kit incorporates the 802.11 standard and provides an operating platform for users to set up internal registers to perform a complete evaluation of the SX045 IC. Price: $495. Prototypes for the development kit are available now with volume production scheduled for July.
American Microsystems Inc.,
Pocatello, ID
(800) 639-7264.

Electric Field Probe
The model A8742D shaped-frequency response probe allows for quick determination of compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) RF radiation exposure regulations. The model operates from 300 kHz to 3 GHz. Full scale is 600 percent of the FCC limits for occupational/controlled environments. The probe is designed to operate with any 8700 series meter and is a solution for multi-emitter locations where the maximum permissible exposure varies according to frequency.
Narda Microwave-East, a division of L-3 Communications,
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 231-1700.

Microwave Analyzers
The models S810A and S818A Site Master™ series analyzers measure antenna systems up to 18 GHz, making them suitable for field measurements of microwave satellite communications, radar and point-to-point backhaul systems. The units analyze and display return loss (SWR), monitor absolute and relative power, and measure cable and waveguide insertion loss. Return loss measurement accuracy is less than +/-0.9 dB (assuming a 20 dB return loss device), directivity is = 40 dB at 18 GHz and distance-to-fault accuracy is within one foot when measuring a 150-foot transmission line. The units are resistant to high levels of interference typically found in multiple-transmitter sites, and employ RF interference rejection techniques in their dual receivers, including direct phase locking to the synthesizer. The units are equipped with a Windows-based software package that provides the ingredients for database storage and interpretive analysis of measurement data over a series of measurements made at different times. Prices: start at $14,950 for the model S810 and $19,950 for the model S818A. Delivery: four to six weeks.
Anritsu Co.,
Richardson, TX
(800) 267-4878.

Automatic RF Prober
The model PS21-RF automatic RF prober offers precision noise-free measurements over the full temperature range. The prober is designed to handle 3" or 4" GaAs wafers thinned to 100 mm or less. The chuck system is designed with zone-controlled vacuum holes instead of hold-down rings, eliminating the possibility of wafer breakage and ensuring heat sinking for thermally sensitive parts. The prober’s patented MicroChamber with internal ground plane provides the probing area with two completely metal EMI/RFI shields for greater noise immunity. The outer shield protects the probing area from light while shunting interference to chassis ground. The –40 dB (typ) shielding reduces the need for expensive external screen-room environments.
Cascade Microtech Inc.,
Beaverton, OR
(503) 626-8245.