CAE/CAD Software
The EMSight™ series computer-aided engineering (CAE)/CAD three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation package is designed for the analysis of planar high frequency circuits and antenna structures. The package combines a powerful fullwave spectral domain simulation approach with a Windows graphical user interface, and can analyze the electrical behavior of arbitrary-conducting traces found in RFICs, MMICs, patch antennas and high speed PCBs. The software features advanced animation capabilities that allow users to view true time- and frequency-domain current animations that indicate both the magnitude and direction of currents. In addition, the software provides extensive post-processing capabilities, including presentation-quality Smith charts, Cartesian graphs, polar graphs and tabular outputs. The package uses the Galerkin method of moments, an accurate and robust algorithm for electromagnetic analysis, and features an advanced fast-frequency sweep algorithm to cut simulation times by up to an order of magnitude. The software is available on PC platforms operating on Windows ’95 and NT.
Applied Wave Research Inc.,
Redondo Beach, CA
(310) 385-1111.

System-level Design Software
SystemView version 2.0 system-level design software is a new version of the company’s 32-bit Window ’95 and NT dynamic system design software. New features include an accelerator known as automatic program generation (APG) that speeds up simulation runs up to an order of magnitude, a 100 percent boost in the stream-driven simulation engine performance and a model library that allows users to design their own sources and functions without writing a single line of code. Price: starts at $3495 ($2495 for the APG option).
Elanix Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA
(818) 597-1414.

PC-based High Frequency Circuit Design Software
The Serenade" release 7.5 software is designed for RF circuits used in cellular telephones, pagers, wireless local area networks, satellite communications and telecommunications. The software allows wireless designers to analyze large, highly nonlinear circuits for adjacent-channel power rejection and stability. The suite is designed for Windows ’95/NT and is compatible with previous versions. High frequency designs can be captured, analyzed, optimized and physically designed while taking performance and manufacturability requirements into account. Price: $9995 for the single-user, node-locked linear suite and $21,945 the full nonlinear suite.
Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200.