ANADIGICS, Inc., a world leader in radio frequency (RF) solutions, announced that it is shipping production volumes of its AWB7122 and AWB7222 small-cell power amplifiers to Nextivity. A global provider of indoor coverage technology, Nextivity is using ANADIGICS’ industry-leading small-cell power amplifiers in the third generation of its Cel-Fi smart signal boosters.

“Poor cellular signal strength continues to be an issue for many mobile subscribers inside their homes and businesses. As a result, we are seeing ongoing demand for our smart signal boosters, which improve voice coverage, data throughput, and battery life,” said Michiel Lotter, Chief Technology Officer at Nextivity. “We chose the competitively priced, high performance ANADIGICS family of amplifier products as they support the broadest range of UMTS/LTE frequency bands, offer scalable power levels within a single footprint, and enable rugged designs capable of withstanding electrical overstress conditions.”

“We are extremely pleased to be working closely with Nextivity,” said Tim Laverick, senior vice president of Infrastructure Products at ANADIGICS. “While carriers continue to expand and strengthen their wireless infrastructure, many users still experience limited signal strength indoors. Nextivity’s newest signal boosters utilize our high-performance small-cell power amplifiers to address this challenge, delivering enhanced coverage and an exceptional user experience.”

ANADIGICS’ complete family of small-cell wireless infrastructure power amplifiers leverages the Company’s unique InGaP-Plus™ technology and innovative design architectures to deliver an industry-leading combination of output power, linearity, power-added efficiency and thermal characteristics. This level of performance, combined with exceptional integration, enables manufacturers to develop compact wireless infrastructure solutions that consume less power and provide higher throughput with greater coverage. The AWB7122 small-cell power amplifier delivers 24.5 dBm linear output power for ¼-Watt applications, while the AWB7222 power amplifier offers 27 dBm linear output power for ½ -Watt applications. Both solutions feature exceptional linearity enabling picocells, enterprise-class femtocells, and high-performance customer premises equipment (CPE) to achieve higher throughput (data rates) and greater coverage area. The AWB7122 and AWB7222 power amplifiers provide 16% and 13% efficiency, respectively, to minimize power consumption and offer greater flexibility in the choice of network power sources.

ANADIGICS Small-Cell Wireless Infrastructure PA Family Key Facts and Highlights:

  • High linearity to support WCDMA, HSPA, LTE FDD and TD-LTE small-cell base stations
  • Best-in-class efficiency for improved reliability and low-cost thermal design
  • Low noise, low distortion for very low EVM levels
  • Low transistor junction temperature for greater long-term reliability
  • Integrated RF matching optimized for output power, efficiency, and linearity in a 50 Ohm system
  • Optimized for ¼-Watt and ½-Watt linear output power to support a wide array of applications

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