Steatite Q-par Antennas has released an ultra-small multi-octave wideband 1 to 18 GHz left and right hand circularly polarised spiral antenna suitable for applications where space and gain requirements are at a premium.

At a diameter of 78 mm, the antenna is claimed to provide excellent return loss, gain and axial ratio over the full 1 to 18 GHz operational band and satisfies challenging applications including ELINT& COMINT systems, radar warning receivers systems, and spectrum management antenna arrays.

“The company excels in the research, design and manufacture of a wide range of multi-octave antennas and subsystems typically operating from 100 MHz up to 500 GHz; the new 1 to 18 GHz antenna (QSP-RC-1-18-S-SG-R) is a welcome competitive addition to Steatite’s extensive planar antennas offering which includes a COTS family of wideband sinuous and spiral microwave antenna products covering 0.5 to 42 GHz bandwidth. Importantly the antenna has been designed to meet growing customer demand” commented Robert Lowther Steatite Q-par’s sales and marketing manager. “This maintains Q-par as a leading global player in the delivery of high performance spiral antennas.”