Tazca Connects partners with Haleakala R&D to test plasma smart antennas on commercial 4G LTE. Next generation antenna extends 4G LTE ranges for wireless internet service providers, providing cost-effective, higher speed broadband for underserved communities in rural areas.

"Ruggedized plasma smart antennas have moved beyond lab prototypes and are ready for market commercialization," said Theodore Anderson, CEO of Haleakala Research and Development, Inc. "The physics is proven and with Tazca Connects affordable LTE-as-a-Service, WISP Operators can begin deploying plasma smart antennas beyond the traditional use cases to those applications where having extended range and broader bandwidth is critical," said Anderson.

Tazca Connects high speed Internet service is powered by an innovative LTE software platform from Lemko Corp., bringing cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity to residents and business in rural areas. The LTE fixed wireless broadband service expands the abilities of WISPs and Operators to deploy affordable rural broadband infrastructure with advanced features on a virtualized software platform at each cell site, directly connecting to the cloud. These benefits result in lower upfront capital expenses and operational costs.

"We are pleased to be working with Haleakala R&D. Tazca Connects is focused on helping WISPs capitalize on lead user and early adopter research to experience competitive advantage now. Extending LTE ranges will allow Operators to provide new levels of 4G coverage and higher speed broadband for underserved communities," said Michael Sisto, vice president of sales at Tazca Connects. "Tazca Connects picked Haleakala R&D because of their deep antenna systems research experience. Together, we will begin field trials using Tazca Connects 4G LTE virtualized and distributed EPC core high-speed wireless technology. The beam sharpening capability of plasma smart antenna will be integrated with Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service to create new performance best practices for last mile coverage and bandwidth intensive multimedia applications like Telemedicine, Telehealth and Virtual Presence." .