SMK Coaxial Cable ConnectorsRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for Delta Electronics 2.92 mm SMK coaxial cable connectors rated to 40 GHz for use in commercial, industrial and military applications.

Three cable ends are available to support male to male assemblies, 7901111K003-000, 7901094K003-000 and 7901031K003-000. VSWR is rated at 1.15:1 max to 18 GHz and 1.30:1 max from 18 to 40 GHz. Coupling nuts are made of passivated stainless steel while the contact and body are gold plated.

Delta SMK interfaces are similar to that of SMA connectors but utilize an air dielectric and a Noryl support bead for higher cutoff frequencies. Delta SMK male cable connectors are designed for use with Semi-Rigid and Formable cables that have an outer diameter of .047 (7901111K003-000), .085 (7901094K003-000) and .141 (7901031K003-000).

Many other 2.92mm connector configurations are available from RFMW in the Delta Electronics SMK Connector catalog.