Catalog Update

Fiber-optic Product Catalog
This eight-page catalog features complete fiber-optic interconnect solutions, including fiber management systems, cable assemblies, adapters, attenuators, couplers and wavelength division multiplexers. Product photographs and specifications are included.
Amphenol Fiber Optic Products,
Lisle, IL
(800) 944-6446 or (630) 810-5800.

1998 Communication IC Data Book
This 370-page data book features ICs designed for use in wireless, fiber-optic, cable and broadcast applications. Product descriptions, block diagrams, specifications and application notes are included.
Warren, NJ
(973) 627-8180.

Capability Brochure
This eight-page brochure describes the company’s capabilities as a full-service supplier of automatic test equipment, custom-designed products, catalog components, spare-part components, subsystems and systems. Service and financing information is provided.
Dage Corp.,
Stamford, CT
(203) 461-9000.

Coaxial and Waveguide Switch Brochure
This four-page brochure highlights the company’s space-qualified, high power, L- and V-band transfer and SPDT switches that operate from DC to 26.5 GHz with waveguide options to 70 GHz. Product photographs and specifications are included.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA
(805) 650-0260.

RFIC Component Brochure
This six-page brochure describes high volume GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) components designed for wireless handsets and infrastructure applications down to the 3 V range through 3 GHz. The company’s in-house manufacturing control, and research and development capabilities are described.
EiC Corp., a subsidiary of EiC Enterprises Ltd.,
Fremont, CA
(510) 445-4700.

Subsystem and Component Catalog
This 66-page catalog describes the company’s subsystems, including beamforming and precision quadrapole networks; and components, including mixers, couplers/detectors, 90° quadrature hybrids, 180° hybrid junctions and power dividers. Custom applications are described. Specifications and line drawings are included.
Electromagnetic Technologies Inc. (ETI),
Springfield, NJ
(201) 379-1719.

1998 Quartz Product Catalog
This catalog overviews quartz products, including voltage-controlled crystal, voltage-controlled temperature-compensated, temperature-compensated and oven-controlled crystal oscillators; crystals; and monolithic crystal filters. New products are introduced. Specifications and mechanical dimensions are included.
Fordahl Frequency Control Products,
Gainesville, GA
(770) 888-0104.

CDMA Chipset Brochure
This six-page brochure details the company’s Planet chipset designed for code-division multiple access (CDMA) cellular applications. Product photographs and line drawing are included.
GEC Plessey Semiconductors,
Scotts Valley, CA
(408) 438-2900.

Small Graphic Catalog
This catalog details a line of traditional surface-mount liquid crystal display modules and wide temperature small graphic modules with various backlight choices. The company’s new chip on board and tape-automated bonding graphic displays are described.
Densitron Corp.,
Santa Fe Springs, CA
(562) 941-5000.

Test and Measurement Accessory Catalog
This 92-page catalog details the company’s test and measurement accessories, including coaxial cable assemblies and adapters, patch cords, enclosures and boxes, IC test clips for two- and four-sided devices, and static-control products.
ITT Pomona Electronics, an ITT Cannon company,
Pomona, CA
(909) 469-2900.

Electronics Manufacturing Service Brochure
This four-page brochure describes the company’s electronics manufacturing services for both turnkey and consignment programs. Surface-mount, thru-hole and custom testing capabilities are detailed. An equipment list is included.
Janco Electronics Inc.,
Dover, NH
(603) 742-1581.

RF and Microwave Coaxial Component Catalog
This 126-page catalog describes coaxial components, including fixed, programmable and manual variable attenuators; solid-state RF switches; power dividers; and test accessories. New products are detailed. Specifications and mechanical dimensions are included.
JFW Industries Inc.,
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 887-1340.

Full-line Catalog and Reference Guide
This 700-page catalog features test and measurement instruments, and data acquisition hardware and software products, including electrometers, precision sources, voltmeters, picoammeters, ohmmeters, source-measure units, power supplies, switch systems and semiconductor characterization systems. A selection guide is included.
Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(800) 552-1115 or (440) 248-0400.

High Directivity Directional Coupler Brochure
This four-page brochure describes the company’s KDCNU**-32 series high power, air line directional couplers, which are available in coupling factors of 10, 20, 30 and 40 dB. Specifications and line drawings are provided.
KMW, RF & Microwave Products,
Cerritos, CA
(562) 926-2033.

Space Product Brochure
This eight-page brochure details RF, microwave and mm-wave products designed for commercial and defense space programs. The company’s flexible qualification process and high automated manufacturing technology are described. Product photographs are included.
M/A-COM, a division of AMP Inc.,
Lowell, MA
(800) 366-2266 or (978) 442-5000.

Semiconductor Device Catalog
This 105-page catalog provides information on semiconductor devices, including tuning varactors; step recovery, PIN/NIP, Schottky, limiter and point-contact diodes; phase detectors; chip capacitors; spiral inductors; and resistor chips. Application notes are included.
MicroMetrics Inc.,
Londonderry, NH
(888) 641-7364 or (603) 641-3800.

Antenna Catalog
This catalog describes the company’s full line of antennas, including airborne, marine, survey, timing reference, vehicle-tracking and wireless models. Product photographs and specifications are provided. Line drawings are included.
Micro Pulse,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 389-3446.

Amplifier Catalog
This 45-page catalog details the company’s line of amplifiers, including high linearity power; low noise, high linearity receiver; and general-purpose models. A product selection guide is included. Technical data sheets are provided.
Microwave Technology (MwT),
Fremont, CA
(510) 651-6700.

Semiconductor Solution Brochure
This four-page brochure details semiconductor solutions for the wireless infrastructure market, including RF amplifier modules, RF power MOSFETs, linear transformers and digital signal processors. Specifications are provided.
Motorola, Semiconductor Products Sector,
Denver, CO
(800) 441-2447 or (303) 675-2140.

Oscillator Catalog
This 19-page catalog details the company’s oven-controlled, temperature-compensated and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators, which can be fine tuned to exact customer specifications. Features described include low profile packaging, stable/reliable performance and good aging characteristics.
MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.,
Newburyport, MA
(978) 465-6064.

Frequency Control Product Catalog
This 108-page catalog features the company’s frequency control products, including microprocessors, AT strip and processor-specific crystals, high frequency fundamentals and crystals for extreme environments.
M-tron Industries Inc.,
Yankton, SD
(800) 762-8800.

Semiconductor Product Catalog
This 208-page catalog (Catalog 500) details a complete line of semiconductor products for the wireless and military marketplaces, including tuning and multiplier varactors, PIN and limiter diodes, surface-mount devices, Schottky devices, noise diodes and chip capacitors. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Narda Microwave-East, Semiconductor Operation,
Lowell, MA
(978) 442-5600.

1998 Instrumentation Catalog
This 864-page catalog for measurement and automation includes sections on instrumentation and analysis software, portable instrumentation, data acquisitions and motion control, signal conditioning, distributed input/output, image acquisition, computer-based instruments, GPIB instrument control and industrial communications. Support services are listed.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(512) 794-0100.

Circulator and Isolator Brochure
This six-page brochure features circulators and isolators designed for use in cellular and wireless communications applications, including the company’s drop-in three-port, connectorized three-port, drop-in high ratio and connectorized high ratio models. Product photographs and specifications are provided.
Nova Microwave Inc.,
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 778-2746.

Microwave Circuit Solution Brochure
This four-page brochure details microwave printed circuits for use at 900 MHz and above. The company’s microwave laminates, advanced processing techniques, surface-mount assembly, FlexLink II process, solder-link technique and mixed dielectric hybrid concept are discussed. A design guide is included.
Poly Circuits, an M-Wave company,
Bensenville, IL
(630) 860-3560.

1998 Test and Measurement Instrument Catalog
This catalog features the company’s line of test solutions for RF and microwave products, including signal sources, radio test sets, and microwave and RF analyzers.
Marconi Instruments Inc.,
Fort Worth, TX
(888) 369-2586.

Surface-mount Product Catalog
This 36-page catalog features the company’s surface-mount components, including high intercept point mixers, low cost mixers, power dividers, modulators/demodulators, directional couplers and bias tees. Outline drawings and specifications are included. Mounting procedures and environmental and quality assurance information are provided.
Pulsar Microwave Corp.,
Clifton, NJ
(973) 779-6262.

Frequency Synthesizer Catalog
This 42-page catalog describes the company’s complete line of frequency synthesizers for use in advanced measurement or production systems and as stand-alone test equipment. Available options and accessories are listed. A price list is provided.
Programmed Test Sources Inc. (PTS),
Littleton, MA
(978) 486-3008.

Product Catalog
This 24-page catalog describes the company’s 75 W Superflex series cable assemblies; bulk cable; and connectors, including SMA plug, SMA female, BNC, type N bulkhead jack, type N plug and SMA four-hole flange mount.
Quality Microwave Interconnects Inc. (QMI),
Wilmington, MA
(978) 988-9090.

Test and Measurement Instrument and System Catalog
This catalog provides information on test and measurement instruments and systems, including RF switch modules, universal timers/counters, waveform synthesizers, and waveform and dual-output pulse generators.
Racal Instruments Inc.,
Irvine, CA
(800) 722-2528 or (714) 859-8999.

Tube Guide
This guide details the company’s line of special-purpose tube products, including P-, L-, S-, X-, Ku- and K-band versions; TR-ATR tubes; magnetrons; klystrons; TWTs; rectifiers; OSC/drivers; and thyratrons.
Radio-Research Instrument Co. Inc.,
Waterbury, CT
(203) 753-5840.

RF and Microwave Component Selection Guide
This 32-page guide describes components from several companies, including Amphenol, KDI/Triangle, M/A-COM, QMI, RF Gain, RF Power Components, Stellex and Wakefield Engineering. Products featured include coaxial connectors and amplifiers.
Richardson Electronics Ltd.,
LaFox, IL
(800) 737-6937 or (630) 208-2200.

Test Necessity and Accessory Handbook
This 284-page handbook describes necessities and accessories for mechanical inspection and electrical testing, including test components and standard cables and connectors. A special products and services section is included. Interface dimensions are provided.
Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH,
Munich, Germany
49 (89) 354-804-0

Short-form Product Catalog
This 80-page short-form catalog details the company’s standard products, including application-specific IC chips, assemblies and subsystems. Product photographs and outline drawings are included.
Stanford Telecommunications Inc., Telecom Component Products Group,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 745-2660.

GaAs FET Protection DC Power Board Brochure
This four-page brochure features GaAs FET protection mini boards and GaAs FET protection DC power boards equipped with series regulators for the drain power source and DC/DC converters for the negative-voltage bias power source. Product photographs and outline drawings are provided.
Mountain View, CA
(800) 832-3421 or (650) 967-2828.

Chip Inductor Catalog
This 18-page catalog details the company’s line of chip inductors, including multilayer, wirewound and surface-mount device models. Packaging specifications and testing methods are included. Soldering conditions and recommendations for use are described.
Toko America Inc.,
Mt. Prospect, IL
(800) 745-8656.

Broadcast Product Guide
This 24-page broadcast product guide outlines patching products, coax cable assemblies, cable connectors, and tools and accessories. Product photographs and specifications are provided. A part number index is included.
Trompeter Electronics Inc.,
Westlake Village, CA
(800) 982-2629 or (818) 707-2020.

GaAs MMIC Standard Product Catalog
This catalog includes information on GaAs MMIC products, including HBTs, low noise and power amplifiers, mixers, downconverters, VCOs and specialty MMIC products. Outline drawings and specifications are provided. A future products and services section is included.
TRW Inc., GaAs Telecom Products,
Redondo Beach, CA
(310) 814-5749.

Test Equipment Catalog
This catalog features test equipment for the telecommunications and data communications sectors, including hardware and software for test applications for use in heterogeneous telephone networks, distribution networks based on media (such as digital radio, copper cables and fiber) and local area networks.
Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co.,
Eningen, Germany
+49 7121 86-1616.

Wireless Product Handbook
This 101-page handbook details the company’s integrated assemblies, RF components and GaAs MMICs. Descriptions include product photographs, performance charts, block diagrams, outline drawings and specifications.
Watkins-Johnson Co.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 951-4401.

Transformer and Inductor Brochure
This brochure details transformers, including audio, inverter/converter, pulse, power and switching power supply models; inductors, including adjustable, high frequency and precision models; and coils, including adjustable, air, audio and RF models. The company’s capabilities in manufacturing and magnetic design technology are described.
West Coast Magnetics,
Livermore, CA
(510) 373-7711.

Custom Thin-film Product Catalog
This 12-page catalog provides information on the company’s custom thin-film metallization and patterned substrates designed to meet deposition and hybrid circuit requirements, including sputtered and electroplated coatings, patterned substrates, substrate machinings, and typical hybrid circuit features and applications. Visual acceptance criteria and design guidelines are included.
American Technical Ceramics (ATC), Custom Thin Film Products Group,
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 724-2000.

VCO Short-form Catalog
This short-form catalog describes 180 standard VCO models that operate from 5 MHz to 6.9 GHz, including 0.2"-square, pin-mount and connectorized versions. An interactive full-line catalog is also provided on disk for operation on Windows ’95 or NT systems.
Modco Inc.,
Sparks, NV
(702) 331-2442.

Test and Measurement Catalog
This test and measurement catalog features the company’s Picoprobe" products for on-wafer measurements, including low loss microwave probes, ultra-high impedance active probes, microwave probe cards and calibration substrates. Product photographs, drawings and specifications are provided.
GGB Industries Inc.,
Naples, FL
(941) 643-4400.

Frequency Control Product Catalog
This 96-page catalog describes frequency control products, including high fundamental frequency and SC-cut crystals, surface acoustic wave-based and ceramic-packaged components, and high stability oscillators. Product photographs and line drawings are included.
Vectron International,
Norwalk, CT
(203) 853-4433.