RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for P1dB's P1-AMP00010-1-SMA, a DC to 10 GHz, 1 W, amplifier module. The P1-AMP00010-1-SMA is commonly used as a general purpose, broadband amplifier in test and measurement applications but also finds use in system integration projects where flat gain over broad bandwidth are needed. Gain flatness for the P1-AMP00010-1-SMA is 1.0dB from DC to 10GHz. Typical saturated output power is 30.5dBm at 10GHz. This SMA connectored amplifier draws only 300mA from a +8 to +14.5 volt supply.   P1dB offers the P1-AMP00010-1-SMA in a small, 1.5x1.0" housing ideal for commercial and industrial applications.