The new P518B500 wideband tuner from diminuSys provides instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz over the 0.5 to 18 GHz band. The low profile 1U rack mount system tunes the input range to a main output band of 750 to 1250 MHz (optionally 950 to 1450 MHz). Included auxiliary outputs are at 900 MHz (200 MHz bandwidth), 120/160 MHz and 21.4 MHz. The four IF signals are simultaneously accessible, synchronous and without frequency inversion.

The P518B500 operates via simple command set using its USB or Ethernet port with serial interfaces available as options. Controls include frequency, nominal gain of from 0 to 40 dB and input attenuation.

The tuner incorporates an integral frequency synthesizer offering low noise performance and tuning speed adequate for most applications, typically -106 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset, and 800 uS. The P518B500 features an alternate operating mode accessing an external local oscillator applied at the rear panel, ideal for ELINT, SIGINT and COMINT applications. Band selection, gain control and input attenuation are set in less than 50 nS in this configuration. Internal and external modes can operate using the internal frequency standard or an external reference.

Rear panel connectors include RF input; IF outputs at 1000/1200, 900, 160 and 21.4 MHz; 10 MHz reference input; 10 MHz reference output; external LO input; USB; Ethernet; optional serial interface; and universal AC power. Active cooling input and output ports are on the back panel only.

 The wideband tuner is available from diminuSys and priced at $32,500; availability is stock to 45 days. Sale of diminuSys products is subject to United States export controls and may require licensing. For more information, visit