Light Sources
These pulsed and CW light sources are available from 10 to 1000 W for single wavelengths or broadband radiation, including output that simulates the solar spectrum. Deuterium, arc and quartz tungsten halogen lamps and IR elements; calibrated irradiance sources; spectral calibration lamps; lasers; fiber-optic and monochromator illuminators; flood exposure sources; and solar simulators are also available.
Oriel Instruments,
Stratford, CT (203) 377-8282.

Laser Diode Modules
These laser diode modules with single-mode and polarization-maintaining optical fiber pigtails are suitable for 1550 nm wave-division-multiplexing (WDM) digital applications up to and beyond 600 km transmission. The new devices provide wavelength stability in all versions with a center wavelength drift of less than 20 pm/year. All devices are International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-T recommendation Gmcs compliant and provide solutions to all 43 specified ITU wavelengths where high bit rate 2.5 Gbps WDM solutions are required. The model FU-632SEA laser diode module is available for high reliability solutions requiring up to 350 km (long-haul) transmission in primarily main trunk line environments, and provide a power penalty performance of less than 1 dB. The distributed feedback laser diodes feature an integrated electro-absorption modulator on a single chip and are packaged in a thermo-electrically cooled butterfly package.
Mitsubishi Electric Europe,
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK (01707) 276100.

Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers
The 9100 series erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) utilize the company’s 980 nm pump laser to achieve reliable, high performance operation. Internal optical splitters are available to provide multiple outputs from a single EDFA. The model 9110A/B 16 dBm EDFA features improved performance in noise figure; the model 9112A/B is a low power 14 dBm EDFA; the model 9120A/B EDFA operates at 17 dBm and provides lower noise for certain applications; and the model 9130A/B is a 20 dBm EDFA that offers higher output power performance. Each of these new EDFAs features adjustable output power over a 3 dBm range from the front panel. The 9100 series EDFAs are available either with or without optical isolators at the input.
Ortel Corp.,
Alhambra, CA (800) 362-3891.

100 MHz - 18 GHz Microwave Fiber-optic Link
This microwave fiber-optic link operates over a frequency range of 100 MHz to 18 GHz. The unit features a high immunity to electrical noise and supports an antenna diversity system with convenient remote-controlled antenna selection. The system also offers a frequency discrimination capability, general-purpose interface bus (GPIB) measurement of aircraft shielding effectiveness, antenna remoting, wideband fiber-optic telecommunication phased-array radar, wireless and satellite communication, wideband voltage probes, oscilloscopes, data loggers, spectrum analyzer and other test instrumentation.
Columbus, OH (614) 799-0664 or (800) 329-0664.