Videos and presentation downloads from leading innovators and suppliers of RF, wireless and energy technologies

Arrow RF & Power, officially doing business as Richardson RFPD, announced today the online availability of videos and downloadable files of the presentations that were given at its booth during the 2014 International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Tampa, Fla.

Links to YouTube videos of the presentations, as well as links for .pdf versions of each presenter’s slideshow, are available on Arrow RF & Power’s IMS 2014 presentations webpage. The complete slate of presentations is included, as follows:


Presentation Topic



Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI)

ADI Tools to Simulate New PLLs and Signal Chains

Larry Hawkins, RF business development manager, RF products

Video| .pdf

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Increasing Packaging Density with Push-on Connectors

Chris Tutt, RF/microwave product manager

Video| .pdf

Empower RF

"Size Matters” High Power Amplifiers - Consider the Possibilities

Jon Jacocks, president and CEO

Video| .pdf


Freescale RF Power Solutions

Leonard Pelletier, applications support

Video| .pdf

Huber + Suhner

MXP – The Ultimate Multicoax Solution for High Signal Integrity Testing up to 50 GHz

Stephanie Jarno, field application engineer

Video| .pdf


GaN on Silicon Product Reliability: Methods, Results, and Recommendations for the RF Designer

Tom Kole, product line manager for GaN on silicon products

Ray Baker, field applications engineer

Video| .pdf


GaN Power Transistors Major Advantages

Jerry Chang, director of transistor solutions

Video| .pdf


UltraCMOS® RF Power Limiters, the Industry's First Monolithic Alternative to Discrete, PIN-diode Limiters

Srikanth Sridharan, product manager for high performance analog products

Video| .pdf


New RF Components for Infrastructure and A&D Applications

Dave Seed, product marketing manager

Tom Valencia, applications engineer

Shuping Zhang, principle RF application engineer

Video| .pdf


TriQuint RF Solutions Enable Next-Generation EW, Radar and Communication Systems

Grant Wilcox, product line manager for MMIC components

Video| .pdf


Wavelex New RF Products for A&D and T&M

River Huang, founder and CEO

Video| .pdf

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