Wireless Remote DAQ and Control System
The Skyline series wireless remote DAQ system comprises a base station and remote radio platforms with attached digital and/or analog input/output modules. The system is fully synthesized and available in both UHF and VHF versions. The simplest remote terminal unit consists of a radio transceiver and one input/output module in a simple 3.0" x 3.0" x 2.5" stainless-steel enclosure. The base station measures 3.0" x 3.2" x 1.4" and connects to a host via an RS232 port. The transceiver modems can be programmed with up to 64 radio channels and can address 65,000 remote radio platforms. Additional features include a 16-bit cyclic redundancy check, error detection and correction, flow control and a repeater capability.
RF Neulink, a division of RF Industries,
San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728 or (619) 549-6340.

Advanced Pulse Analyzer Package
The model MV3345-002 pulse analyzer package considerably simplifies the characterization of modern radars. The unit is capable of storing up to 128 k pulse descriptor words (PDW), and features qualification to allow radars with parameters outside the expected range to be excluded from the analysis. It is also capable of measuring angle of arrival and adding this data to the PDW as well as the ability to display polar plots. Intrapulse data can be extracted and stored for subsequent analysis.
Thorn Microwave Devices Ltd. (TMD),
Hayes, Middlesex, UK +44 (0) 181 581 5002.