Large-signal Modeling Software
LASIMO™ version 2.0 software facilitates the development of accurate large-signal models by simplifying procedures for the extraction of MESFET and high electron mobility transistor large-signal models using a PC. The capabilities of LASIMO have been extended to allow new models to be incorporated and edited by the user. In addition to simplifying the extraction of key transistor parameters, the software facilitates the creation of models ideally fitted to actual devices. The manual and on-line help system include easy-to-follow tutorials that guide the user in handling data acquisition. A 486 or Pentium PC with Windows 3.1 or higher and a minimum of 8 MB of random access memory are required. A National Instruments IEEE-488 card is required for data acquisition.
Optotek Ltd., Kanata,
Ontario, Canada (800) 361-2911 or (613) 591-0336.

RF Microwave Capacitor Specification Software
The SpiMic series RF microwave capacitor specification software is designed to review the performance characteristics of the company’s high frequency capacitors. The program operates with the company’s high frequency AQ and U series ceramic capacitors, and the Accu-F and Accu-P series thin-film microwave capacitors. The software calculates equivalent series resistance and inductance, self-resonant frequency and impedance values for each capacitance and voltage rating. In addition, the software performs calculations needed for high frequency applications, including scattering parameters, reflection coefficient and forward transmission coefficient.
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (803) 448-9411.