The all new, with patent pending, design of Loop Test Translators (LTT) from AtlanTecRF are the most comprehensive yet in featuring a reversible signal path and the unique capability of differing and independent transfer characteristics in the forward and reverse directions.

In each model of this PRT series the forward path converts from transmit (Tx) frequencies to L-Band while the reverse path converts from L-Band to receive (Rx) frequencies. However, the RF architecture is so configured as to enable differing levels of gain, attenuation control, filtering and other parameters in each path direction. Further, by connecting a (supplied) termination to the single L-Band port the units convert Tx directly to Rx. One significant advantage of this LTT configuration is that the same instrument can be used to monitor both uplink signal quality and the downlink receive chain performance with differing measurement parameter settings. Each signal path can be independently controlled using either the ethernet and GUI or locally via the front panel and LCD readout. Local oscillator (LO) frequency control can be in steps down to 1KHz with a signal attenuation range to 60dB in 0.25 dB increments. The LO is normally phase locked to an external 10MHz reference but an internal high stability OCXO reference can also be supplied as a switchable option, along with a number of others including dual redundant power supplies, premium phase noise, RF muting and high input/output isolation.

Geoff Burling, AtlanTecRF CEO said "these test translators bring a completely new opportunity to systems integrators and satellite communications equipment engineers in providing a versatile all-in-one test station with associated cost savings". The LTTs are supplied in a choice of either 19" x 2 U rack chassis, weatherproof antenna-mount outdoor unit or portable counter-top instrument with a rechargeable battery power option.