Robert Donahue joined Anokiwave as Chief Executive Officer in April 2013.He has 30 years of experience in both commercial and military RF-mmW semiconductor industries.He has held leadership positions in Research, Product Design & Development, Product and Applications Engineering, Marketing, Product Line Management, Sales and Executive Management.Prior to joining Anokiwave Mr. Donahue was the Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer of MACOM Technology Solutions (MTSI).Prior to joining MTSI, Mr. Donahue was the Chief Strategy Officer of WIN Semiconductor (GreTai: 3105).At WIN Semi Mr. Donahue was promoted successfully from Director, VP, Sr. VP, EVP to CSO almost yearly. Prior to joining WIN Semi Mr. Donahue was Director of Marketing at Hittite Microwave (HITT).Mr. Donahue worked in various Engineering and Engineering Leadership positions for Raytheon and M/A-COM for over 17 years.He received his BSEE from UMASS Lowell, MSEE from UMASS Amherst and an MS in the Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School.


MWJ: What are some of the bigger system trends you see currently underway?”

RD:  We see several Mega-Trends converging right now that we believe will radically change the industry as we know it.  The drive for 1000x wireless data rate growth is the central driver.  To address this goal, we envision a combination of Moore’s Law enabling inexpensive high integration silicon technology, the proliferation of mmW to support needed bandwidths and the advent of AESA architectures for efficient distribution will place our industry at a disruptive tipping point.  There has been nothing this exciting since the dawn of the wireless mobile market in the late ‘80s.

MWJ: Let’s talk about Anokiwave itself, what is the dream, how long has the company been around, and how it is differentiated. 

RD:  Anokiwave is an Early Stage FABLESS Semiconductor company focused on Silicon Core ICs for mmW and AESA applications. We also develop III/V Front Ends.   Our proven competitive advantage over 15 years is Fast Time to Market, Feature rich solutions and compact IC solutions (typically 50% better than competition in all 3 conditions).

The Dream is to create an exceptional company of exceptional people.  A company of Engineers led by Engineers.  We were Founded in 1999 and Re-Founded in 2013 as a Product Company.  We Truly Care about the 4 Points of the Compass: Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Share Holders and reinventing our industry.

MWJ: What are the company’s key strengths?

RD: Rapidly delivering highly integrated, feature rich Silicon Core ICs for mmW & AESA applications is the competitive advantage we have been delivering to our customers.  We believe in true partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

MWJ: What’s been the market response?

RD:  We have grown 2.5x in revenue, 5x in customers and 4x in our team in the last year.  We see doubling yearly is sustainable and we operate profitably.

MWJ:  Who’s your ideal customer in terms of what you can offer?

RD:  Typically we work with Microwave & mmW Commercial or Military System Manufacturers of Radars and radios requiring compelling semiconductor solutions.

MWJ: What’s the best way for a program/project manager to discuss their specifics needs with the technologists at Anokiwave?  

RD: Our senior technologists will be at the Anokiwave booth #2056 at IMS in Tampa. We are setting up appointments to sit down and talk specifics about our capabilities in mm-wave IC solutions. I encourage attendees to read this month’s cover feature in Microwave Journal where we discuss the challenges we are addressing and learn more about our unique approach. Then come talk to us in person.