Accel-RF Instruments Corp. announces its participation in the upcoming CS MANTECH Exhibition in Denver, CO. The MANTECH conference will take place May 19 through 22 at the Downtown Denver Sheraton.

At the show, Accel-RF will announce its new Power Switching Dynamic Test System for device reliability and performance characterization. The system is capable of measuring performance degradation at base-plate temperatures over 200°C under a variety of conditions including switching-power applications up to 1.2kV (off) and 12A (on) for up to 1-MHz switching frequencies. The hardware and software supports both soft- and hard-switching applications. The Accel-RF test platform leverages the integration of its high temperature operating life (HTOL) burn-in platform with new fast-switching measurement techniques. This capability builds on the industry-leading AARTS test platform and solidifies Accel-RF’s product offering as the most comprehensive test platform in the marketplace.

 “With the emergence of compound semiconductors, such as Gallium-Nitride (GaN) and Silicon-Carbide (SiC), for use in power-switching systems, establishing reliability performance metrics to use-applications is critical to the time-to-market phase of the technology. Our system affords characterization not only in basic reliability statistics in a controlled “soft-switch” setting, but also supports the requirement to induce the higher-stress “hard-switch” environment of a real application. Moreover, we achieve this capability without requiring huge external load resistors”, explainsRoland Shaw, President of Accel-RF. “The ROCS workshop, in conjunction with the MANTECH Conference, is one of the premier reliability forums in the world for sharing ideas on performance, test techniques, and reliability results for compound semiconductor technologies. We are excited to announce our new power switching product line at this year’s conference,” concludes Mr. Shaw.   

Updates and specific activities planned during the MANTECH conference will be posted on the website as additional information becomes available.