AWR Corp. has extended its 2013 ADF tour well into 2014.  The final venue stops being added to this tour are located in Israel.  Late addition dates and locations include May 20th in Haifa and May 21st in Tel-Aviv.  The agenda details as well as registration are all online and available now at

 ADF is a free and open event where designers of microwave and RF circuits and systems can network, share useful information and resources pertinent to high-frequency design, and collaborate on industry issues and trends.  A sample of the presentation topics at these upcoming events include:

  • B3Nova customer presentation on power amplifiers
  • Technion University presentation on radar design
  • NI AWR Design Environment™ innovations
  • Design and optimization of 3D connectors
  • Dynamic and efficient radio communications frequency planning
  • Multi-element phased array design/optimization and advanced radar modeling
  • And more


Haifa, Israel                 May 20, 2014

Tel-Aviv, Israel            May 21, 2014