High Power Limiter
The model ACLM-4932HC24 high power limiter operates from 2 MHz to 1.5 GHz, and offers 100 W of CW power protection and 100 W peak power at a pulse width of 1 ms. Other pulse power handling capabilities include 600 W peak power at a 5 ms pulse width and 200 W peak power at a 70 ms pulse width. Insertion loss is limited to 0.3 dB with an SWR of 1.2 (max) and CW leakage of +14 dBm. The limiter is housed in a coaxial package with SMA connectors on the input and output.
Advanced Control Components Inc.,
Eatontown, New Jersey (732) 542-7500.

Drop-in Isolators and Circulators
These drop-in isolators and circulators offer high performance over a frequency range of 800 to 1900 MHz in narrow bandwidths. Designed to be mass produced and rugged, these devices offer a cost-effective solution for high volume cellular and PCS applications. The units handle up to 300 W (in the circulator package) in two different package styles, including 0.96" (round) x 0.26" and 1.00" x 1.25" x 0.28". In addition, the units offer 22 dB isolation, 0.3 dB insertion loss, an SWR of 1.22 and an operating temperature of –35° to +85°C. Volume pricing starts at $8.50.
Commercial Microwave Co.,
Apollo Beach, FL (813) 645-9195.

TTL Programmable Attenuators
These TTL programmable attenuators deliver direct TTL interface over the cellular/personal communications service (PCS) frequency range of 800 to 2000 MHz with a total attenuation range of up to 127 dB. The attenuators are custom designed to meet a variety of applications and are especially suited for the automatic control of cellular/PCS signals. DC and TTL connections are made via a multipin connector. The RF connectors are available in SMA, SMB, SMC or BNC versions. The attenuators are available with supply voltages of 5, 12 or 26 V.
Alan Industries Inc.,
Columbus, IN (800) 423-5190.

RF Edgeboard Connectors
The V-Bite™ series RF edgeboard connectors for use in video-related consumer products enable high antirotation and provide a stable and durable connection. These small footprint, low profile connectors snap and lock into place for secure board retention during hand or reflow soldering. The units are supported both above and below the PCB to minimize stress to the solder contact area. Due to a straight-through contact design, the units feature a low reflection factor and an SWR of 1.15. Price: $1.50 each (1000).
Bomar Interconnect Products Inc.,
Ledgewood, NJ (201) 347-4040.

Waveguide Isolators
These waveguide isolators feature standard EIA flanges, low insertion losses, high isolation, low intermodulation products, high power, compact size and are magnetically shielded. Standard load can handle 60 W peak, 1 W average. Available in several options are termination type and location, flange type and location, power handling, mounting holes, broader temperature ranges, RF and magnetic shielding, and direction of circulation.
Diversitronix Wireless,
Tampa, FL (813) 273-4431.

Flexible RF and Microwave Cable Assemblies
The CS142 series flexible RF and microwave cable assemblies offer much lower loss than conventional RG cables. Typical loss is 0.40 dB/ft at 18 GHz. Standard available connectors include SMA, SMA 90, 3.5 mm and type N. Custom connectors are available upon request.
Christensen Smith Tran (CST),
Sun Valley, NV (702) 677-9564.

SPST DIP Switches
These SPST DIP switches decrease the overall length of a conventional surface-mount DIP switch by approximately 50 percent. The 10-section series 218 half-pitch 0.050" (1.27 mm) DIP switch measures only 13.87 mm (0.546") in length. Two-, four-, six- and eight-section switches also are available in either gull-wing or J-bend terminal configurations. The standard half-pitch, surface-mount DIP switch is priced at less than $2 each in production quantities. Delivery: stock.
CTS Corp.,
Elkhart, IN (219) 296-6700.

Drop-In Double-balanced Mixer
The model B50HW1 drop-in mixer can be integrated directly on stripline circuits without any interface problems. The unit features solder pads for connections to circuit boards using tabs and is optimized for connectorless assemblies. Conversion loss is 7.2 dB at 5 to 18 GHz, isolation is 20 dB and third-order intercept point (IP3) is +11 dBm. Size: 0.60" x 0.32" x 0.11".
Device Technology,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 748-7751.

Miniature T/R Switc h
The model HMC195 miniature transmit/receive (T/R) switch is supplied in a six-lead SOT26 package for use in switching applications that require high linearity and very low insertion loss. The switch controls signals from DC to 3 GHz and is especially suited for 900 MHz, 1.8 to 2.2 GHz and 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) T/R applications. The design provides insertion loss of 0.5 dB and isolation of 25 dB. By selecting the proper control bias, a 1 dB compression point (P1dB) of +36 dBm is achievable with an input IP3 of +62 dBm. Delivery: stock.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Woburn, MA (781) 933-7267.

PIN Diode Drivers
These PIN diode drivers are fully screened to MIL-STD-883 and are packaged in low profile flatpacks or as unpackaged populated substrates that are readily integrated into the customer’s switch housing. The drivers offer reverse voltage protection, 10 to 100 ns switching speeds, 10 to 200 mA output currents, TTL gate inputs, SPST to SP6T (one to six channels each with an independent inverting and noninverting capability), a VCC of +5 V and a VEE of –5 to –15 V.
General Microcircuits Corp. (GMC), a subsidiary of General Microwave Corp.,
Billerica, MA (508) 663-9101.

Six-way Power Divider Subassembly
The model D387LS six-way power divider subassembly is designed for use in applications covering the 865 to 900 MHz frequency range. Each of the six output ports has mechanical level set, screwdriver-type attenuators that have a minimum adjustment range of 0 to 12 dB. Minimum isolation loss between ports is 20 dB and insertion loss in each path is 14.5 dB with the attenuators set in the minimum loss position. The monitor power port has a maximum loss of 3.5 dB. The RF input operating power range is 17 dBm. The six output ports are equipped with type N female connectors and a BNC connector is standard with the forward monitor port. Price: $275 each. Delivery: stock to 30 days (max).
KDI/triangle Corp., an MCE company,
Whippany, NJ (973) 887-8100, ext. 500.

2.4 GHz Wireless Local Loop Duplexer
The model WSD-00053 high performance duplexer is designed for use in wireless local loop systems. The unit offers 1 dB (max) (0.7 dB (typ)) and 15 dB (min) (18 dB (typ)) insertion and return loss, respectively, over the 2400 to 2420 MHz receive pass band and 2460 to 2480 MHz transmit pass band. The duplexer offers an antenna-to-receive rejection of 50 dB (min) from DC to 2300 MHz and 55 dB (min) from 2460 to 6000 MHz. Transmit-to-antenna rejection is 55 dB (min) from DC to 2420 MHz and 50 dB (min) from 2580 to 6000 MHz. The duplexer provides power handling of 10 W CW within the transmit pass band of 2460 to 2480 MHz. The package size is 5.00" x 2.50" x 1.25". Operating temperature is 0° to +50°C. Delivery: six weeks (ARO).
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

DC - 40 GHz IC Package
This DC to 40 GHz IC package features an insertion loss of 0.5 dB per transition and supports two RF ports and eight DC ports in a size of 0.285" x 0.285". The cavity size of 125 x 70 mils incorporates the majority of MESFET and high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) MMIC amplifier ICs on the market. Delivery: stock.
Princeton Microwave (PmT),
Mercerville, NJ (609) 586-8140.

Cellular/PCS Band Isolators and Circulators
These stripline, drop-in isolators and circulators are designed for use in the cellular and PCS bands. Based on a puck circulator and supplied either alone or mounted in a four-hole flange, the circulators are designed for high volume, quick delivery low cost supply. The isolators are supplied in 10 or 110 W versions and provide a 13 percent bandwidth in the 800 to 1800 MHz and 1.2 to 3 GHz frequency ranges.
San Jose, CA (408) 266-7404.

SAW Resonator
The model RSR-433 single-port, surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator provides accurate fundamental-mode frequency generation for CW transmitters operating at 433.92 MHz. Unlike crystal sources, no overtones are needed. The resonator can withstand mechanical shock vibration up to 25 g. Maximum CW power dissipation is specified at 0 dBm and the unit can withstand up to ±30 V DC between any two pins. The resonator operates at a temperature range from –40° to +85°C, which is suitable for outdoor use. Accuracy of the unit’s 433.92 MHz center frequency is ±75 kHz. Frequency variations with aging are less than 10 ppm per year. Price: $1.25 each (10,000).
Raltron Electronics Corp.,
Miami, FL (305) 593-6033.

High Power Junction Circulator
The model 3A1NAH high power junction circulator combines special thermal management and ultra-low loss stripline ferrite junction techniques. The unit can be used to eliminate feedback loop oscillations in high power amplifiers and features EIA 7/8" connectors on all ports. An innovative water cooling system handles average power levels of 2000 W. The circulator operates from 196 to 198 MHz with an isolation of 20 dB (min), insertion loss of 0.3 dB (typ) (0.5 dB (max)), SWR of 1.18 and operating temperature range of +25° to +40°C.
Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Boxborough, MA (508) 263-4994.

Vertical-mount, 90° Hybrid Coupler
The model RFP-4172 vertical-mount, 90° hybrid coupler is designed to save layout space when soldered directly onto PCBs. The 200 W coupler with bonded stripline circuitry measures 1.110" x 0.350" x 0.145" and offers a frequency range from 1800 to 2200 MHz. Phase and amplitude balance measure ±1.5° and ±0.3 dB, respectively. Less than 0.3 dB insertion loss and low SWR make this surface-mount device suitable for use in wireless, PCS, personal communications network (PCN) and high power amplifier applications. Delivery: stock to four weeks.
RF Power Components Inc.,
Bohemia, NY (516) 563-5050, ext. 225.

SPMT Electromechanical Switches
These single-pole multithrow (SPMT) electromechanical switches operate from DC to 26.5 GHz and offer typical insertion loss of 0.3 dB, SWR of 1.3 (max) and isolation of 70 dB (min). Available options include a TTL drive, suppression diodes, indicators and electronic cut-off circuitry. The switches are offered in failsafe, normally open and latching operating modes, and a break-before-make switching sequence. SMA connectors are standard, but alternate connector or pin requirements can be satisfied on request.
Sage Laboratories Inc.,
Natick, MA (508) 653-0844.

20 dB Directional Coupler
The model DCR 20196C directional coupler operates over the 1710 to 2200 MHz frequency range. Nominal coupling is 20 ±0.5 dB, coupling variation is 0.80 dB, directivity is 23 dB (min), SWR is 1.2 (max) and insertion loss is 0.20 dB. Average power handling is 50 W. The unit is available with either SMA (female) or N-type connectors.
Technical Research and Manufacturing Inc. (TRM),
Bedford, NH (603) 627-6000.

Bandpass Filters and Coaxial Ceramic Resonators
These bandpass filters are constructed using highly temperature-stable (–30° to +85°C) coaxial ceramic dielectric resonators, which offer an effective frequency range of 300 MHz to 3 GHz and yield a high in-circuit Q for low in-band insertion loss. The bandpass filters are available in two- to five-section configurations for thru-hole and surface mounting. The coaxial ceramic resonators are available in sizes from 2 to 12 mm cross section.
Spectrum Control Inc.,
Erie, PA (814) 835-4000.

AC Solid-state Relays
The BR series AC solid-state relays employ 0.250 Faston connection terminals resulting in a 25 percent footprint reduction and reduced installation labor costs compared to other similarly rated relay packages. The model BR1200480D55 DC-control relay controls up to 55 A RMS at a line voltage of 480 V. The unit features logic-compatible control and zero voltage turn-on through back-to-back semiconductor-controlled rectifiers capable of withstanding 1200 V transients. Prices: start at $16.40 (250). Delivery: stock to five weeks.
Teledyne Relays,
Scottsdale, AZ (602) 443-1288.

Microwave Filters
These cavity, waveguide, discrete, tunable and ceramic filters manufactured by Lorch Microwave provide optimum performance from 5 to 10 GHz where small size is critical. Bandpass, lowpass, highpass and band-reject filters are designed to satisfy most industry needs, ranging from TO5 to quarter-wave designs. Tunable bandpass and band-reject options are available in three- and five-section designs covering the 24 to 3000 MHz range. Lorch’s ceramic DF series drop-in filters are suitable for wireless and cellular applications and are available in surface-mount, PC-mount and connectorized packages. The DF filters can be specified in two to six sections from 400 to 3000 MHz.
Tony Chapman Electronics Ltd. (TCE),
Epping, Essex, UK (01992) 578231.

RF Coaxial 7-16 Adapter Kits
These 7-16 adapter kits are available in two versions: one with within-series female-to-female, female-to-male and male-to-male adapters; and one that includes within-series and between-series 7-16 adapters with female-to-type-N-female, male-to-type-N-female, female-to-type-N-male and male-to-type-N-male adapters. The units provide SWR of 1.05 up to 0.5 GHz, 1.15 up to 4 GHz, 1.30 up to 7 GHz and 50 W impedance. The adapters are constructed of silver-plated brass bodies, beryllium-copper contacts and TeflonR insulators. Price: $195 (for the kit containing within-series adapters only) and $295 (for the kit containing within- and between-series adapters).
Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878 or (508) 532-0775.

DPDT Transfer Switch
The model 7XF2F12 DPDT 75 W transfer switch operates from DC to 1 GHz and cross-connects two input ports with two output ports. Standard voltage available is 12 V DC. Connector options are BNC or F type.
Trilithic Inc.,
Indianapolis, IN (800) 344-2412 or (317) 895-3600.

Coaxial Resonators and Inductors
The 1000 series coaxial resonators and inductors utilize a temperature-stabilized dielectric of 10.6 for applications that require a smaller high Q frequency-determining element. The units operate from 1 to 5.5 GHz.
Trans-Tech, a subsidiary of Alpha Industries,
Adamstown, MD (301) 695-9400.

Conformal Coated Thru-hole Inductors
These conformal coated thru-hole inductors are available in 02 and 03 sizes for use in audio equipment, VCRs and televisions. The axial-leaded components are encapsulated in a durable epoxy coating that is environmentally robust and eliminates molding stress. Both models utilize a ferrite core for high inductance applications. Tolerance ranges from 5 to 10 percent with good lot-to-lot repeatability. All devices are color coded and can be purchased on tape for automatic insertion.
UltraCoil Inc.,
San Diego, CA (619) 674-6686.

Surface-mount EMI Filter s
The 4700 series surface-mount electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters feature a square cross-sectional body, which allows for easy installation onto the PCB with common production soldering processes. The filters’ small size of 0.315" x 0.083" (8 x 2.1 mm) creates valuable space on a PCB. The filters provide a capacitance range of 100 to 8200 pF along with improved insertion loss over individual chips (up to 70 dB at 1 GHz).
Tusonix Inc.,
Tucson, AZ (520) 744-0400.