New Literature


Stencil Printer and Accessory Technical Bulletins

These technical bulletins describe stencil printers and accessories for surface-mount technology deposition, including the company's stencil printers, in-line automated board transport systems, programmable squeegee heads and drives, and PC control systems. The m -LIGN™ manual vision alignment systems are also described.

Affiliated Manufacturers Inc. (AMI), North Branch, NJ (908) 772-7100.


Cellular Catalog

This catalog (CEL-6005) describes the On-Glass" series cellular products as well as the recently developed line of fixed-station Yagi antennas. Benefits are listed.

Antenna Specialists, a division of Allen Telecom Inc., Cleveland, OH (800) 388-2112.


Real-world Signal Processing Product Literature

This edition of Analog Dialogue (Volume 31, Number 1) features articles on digital signal processing, selecting mixed-signal components, controller board systems and smart analog process instrument transmitters.

Analog Devices Inc., Wilmington, MA (800) 262-5643.


Miniature Integrated Passive Network Product Brochure

This brochure describes MiniNet™ resistor/capacitor passive networks designed using thin-film-on-silicon technology. Standard resistance/capacitance values are listed. Ordering information and outline drawings are provided.

Bourns Inc., Riverside, CA (800) 403-7664.


Pulse/CW Frequency Counter Brochure

This eight-page brochure contains information on pulse/CW frequency counters, which offer pulse and CW frequency measurement to 170 GHz and peak power measurement to 26.5 GHz. Specifications, including frequency range, sensitivity, impedance and maximum input, are listed. Product photographs are provided.

EIP Microwave Inc., Milpitas, CA (800) 232-3471 or (408) 945-1477.


Fiber-optic Test Equipment Brochure

This 14-page brochure details test equipment, including the FOtest'R series low cost power meters for troubleshooting fiber-optic systems. The company's Fiber U fiber-optic training programs, including new correspondence courses, are also described.

Fotec Inc., Medford, MA (800) 537-8254.


Power Product Booklet

This booklet (10 Practical Tips You Need to Know about Your Power Products) contains recommendations on using remote sensing to compensate for load-lead effects, charging/discharging batteries, using remote inhibit and the discreet fault indicator, eliminating noise from low level measurements, obtaining higher voltages and currents by connecting power supplies in series or in parallel, characterizing AC inrush current and measuring supply current to the device under test.

Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844, ext. 5421.


Transmission Line Analysis/Synthesis System Data Sheet

This two-page data sheet describes the advanced transmission line analysis and synthesis system (ATLASS), a design support tool that offers over 50 different waveguide and transmission line structures. Features are listed. Screen shots are provided.


Integrated Microwave Technologies Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada (514) 489-5473.


Optical Component Catalog

This catalog (Optics and Filters, Volume 3) details optical products, including lenses and mirrors, filters, polarization optics, windows and substrates, prisms, beam splitters, fiber optics, mechanical optics and coatings. Theory and technical discussion are also included.

Oriel Instruments, Stratford, CT (203) 377-8282.


Cable Assembly Handbook

This 176-page handbook contains information on cables and cable assemblies operating in the frequency range from DC to 50 GHz. Specialty products and services, as well as the company's capabilities, are also described. Mechanical specifications are listed.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH, Munich, Germany (089) 35 48 04-0 .


Capability Brochure

This 12-page brochure describes the company's wafer dicing and precision diamond-grinding capabilities. Products described include dicing blades, flanges/spacers, flange lapping systems, cooling nozzles, multiblade assemblies and arbors, and high quality abrasive dresser plates. Product photographs are provided.

Thermocarbon Inc., Casselberry, FL (800) 523-1946 or (305) 834-7800.


Antenna Catalog

This catalog contains information on antennas designed for use in telemetry, wireless local area network, wireless local loop, digital communications system 1800, personal communications service 1900, video surveillance, differential Global Positioning System and datalink applications. Specifications are listed. Product photographs are provided.

European Antennas Ltd., Newmarket, Suffolk, UK +44 (0) 16 38 73 18 88.


Product Guide

This 12-page product guide contains information on active and passive RF and microwave components and subsystems, including amplifiers, mixers, frequency doublers, couplers, hybrids, power dividers and combiners, and circulators and isolators. Specifications are provided.

European Microwave Components Ltd., Coggeshall, Essex, UK 44 (0)1376 561116.


Electronic Repair Part and Accessory Catalog

This 195-page catalog is supported by over 9000 new items, including project accessories, semiconductors, connectors, test equipment, computer and audio products, along with hundreds of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and generic television/VCR repair parts. Product photographs are provided.

MCM Electronics, Centerville, OH (800) 543-4330.


1997/1998 Electronics Catalog

This 200-page catalog (3M Electronic Specialty Markets Catalog) is designed to meet the needs of small OEMs, R&D centers, and maintenance and repair organizations. Information is provided on a variety of electronics parts and equipment ranging from connectors and adhesives to static control products and cables.

3M, Electronic Products Division, Austin, TX (800) 328-0016, ext. 114.