Ultraminiature, High Gain, High Frequency Transistors

The models NE698M01 and NE699M01 silicon bipolar epitaxial transistors are suitable for low noise amplifiers for PCS and cellular handsets. Gain is 15.5 and 14 dB, and IC (max) is 10 and 30 mA, respectively. Noise figure is 1.1 dB at 2 GHz. The devices are available in miniature 1.25 x 2.00 mm six-pin SOT-363 plastic surface-mount packages. Price: 31¢ (100,000). Delivery: stock.

California Eastern Laboratories (CEL), Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-3500.


Low Noise RF Transistors

These 12 GHz NPN bipolar transistors are designed for highly sensitive RF front ends in the 1 and 2 GHz frequency range. The devices are aimed at low power, low noise applications and can operate with supply voltages as low as > 1 V. The devices also offer a typical noise figure of 1.2 dB. The models TSDF 1220 (SOT-143) and TSDF 1220W (SOT-343) transistors are available for preamplifiers, mixers and oscillators of satellite receivers, set-top boxes and similar wired applications. The models TSDF 1205 (SOT-143) and TSDF 1205W (SOT-343) are available for cordless telephone-second generation and Digital European Cordless Telephone cordless telephones, cell phones, pagers and GPS receivers in automobiles. Prices: start at 20¢ (1,000,000). Delivery: eight to 10 weeks.

TEMIC Semiconductors, Santa Clara, CA (800) 554-5565 or (408) 567-8220.


0.1 - 6 GHz Surface-mount Threshold Detector

The model PSD-6002 threshold detector operates over the frequency range from 0.1 to 6 GHz and provides a TTL output for an externally programmable RF input level. The detector features internal temperature compensation, ± 0.7 dB input flatness and SWR of 1.5 over a 20 dBm input operating range (-10 to +10 dBm). Current consumption is 12 mA (typ) at 15 V DC. The unit is housed in a 0.25" x 0.25" hermetically sealed surface-mount package. Open-carrier, custom variations and MIL-SCREENED versions are also available.

PSElect, a division of Penstock, Sunnyvale, CA (408) 737-4076.