Rack-mounted Octave Bandwidth Power Amplifier

The model ACAM-7954 rack-mounted octave bandwidth power amplifier operates from 1000 to 2000 MHz and features a convenient 19-inch rack enclosure, 10 W (min) output power and 110 V AC operation. Guaranteed gain is 27 dB, flatness is ±1 dB, 1 dB gain compression is 40 dBm and SWR is 2. The amplifier covers the INMARSAT and personal communications network (PCN)/personal communications service (PCS) bands.

Advanced Control Components Inc., Eatontown, NJ (732) 460-1212.


1.85 - 1.91 GHz Linear Power Amplifier

The model AP 107-81 linear power amplifier operates over the frequency range from 1.85 to 1.91 GHz and is suitable for PCS applications. The GaAs IC amplifier offers 28 dBm of linear power out and gain of 28 dB. Bias is 5.8 V DC and typical efficiency is 35 percent. In addition, flexibility and size constraints are addressed while keeping costs in line.

Alpha Industries Inc., Woburn, MA (800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (781) 628-4702, ext. 306.


1 - 18 GHz TWT Microwave Amplifiers

These broadband, traveling-wave-tube (TWT) microwave amplifiers offer up to 500 and 1000 W minimum power across a frequency band from 1 to 18 GHz with 0 dBm input. Three 500 series models and three 1000 series models offer frequency response of 1 to 2.5 GHz, 2.5 to 7.5 GHz and 7.5 to 18 GHz, respectively. Unlike typical high power microwave amplifiers, these units will not shut down when subjected to extreme load-SWR conditions. Instead, the amplifiers reduce output automatically during severe load mismatches and resume full power operation when the mismatch condition ceases. Front-panel digital displays show forward and reflected output as well as an extensive menu of system status data, which can be called up at the touch of a soft key. The modular design of the power supply and RF components allows for easy access and repair.

Amplifier Research (AR), Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181.


High Reliability GaAs FET IC

The model RK-16P plastic-packaged GaAs FET amplifier from R&K Co. features a mean time between failures of over 400 years. The linear amplifier operates over the frequency range from 300 to 4000 MHz and includes internal bypass capacitors. Output power is 18 dBm (typ) with a 4 dB noise figure. Operating temperature range is from -15° to +85°C. Voltage source is 5 to 7 V.

Left Coast Ventures Inc., San Jose, CA (408) 378-5620.


6 - 10 GHz Low Phase Noise Amplifier

The model MSH-6523602-LP low phase noise amplifier operates in the 6 to 10 GHz frequency range. Typical phase noise measurements at 10 GHz have been > -120 dBc at 100 Hz and > -144 dBc at 10 Hz with a small-signal gain of 32 dB, 1 dB compression point (P1dB) of 27 dBm, third-order intercept point (IP3) of 37 dBm and noise figure better than 4 dB. Input and output (I/O) SWRs are 2 with a maximum current of 400 mA at 12 V DC. Operating temperature range is -40° to +60°C, with extended ranges available. Standard RF I/O connectors are SMA-F. The amplifier includes an internal reverse polarity protection circuit.

Microwave Solutions Inc. (MSI), National City, CA (619) 474-6906.


20 W Power Amplifier Module

The model RHPA1516-20 20 W high efficiency power amplifier module designed for use in communications systems utilizes a single-stage GaAs

MMIC power amplifier that was fabricated using the company's advanced pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor process. The unit features 20 CW power output with 60 percent efficiency and 13 dB of power gain. The unit also includes bypass circuitry and is designed to operate in a 50 W I/O system.

Raytheon Microelectronics, Andover, MA (978) 470-9502.



The model MGF7168C UHF-band GaAs MMIC is designed for power amplifier applications, including PCN and PCS. The device is provided in a small-size 6.1 x 7.0 x 1.1 mm surface-mount package incorporating a two-stage amplifier. The unit operates from 3.5 V supplies and provides high output power rated at 33 dBm (typ) with a high efficiency current rating of 1250 mA (typ) at 33 dBm output power. Maximum drain supply and maximum gate supply voltages are 5 and -4 V, respectively; and RF input power is 15 dBm (max) over an operating temperature range from -30° to +85°C. Second harmonic is -30 dBc and input SWR is 3.

Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK 0990-134 275.


870 - 925 MHz Low Noise Receive Amplifier

The model MPS-0809A9-85 low noise receive amplifier operates from 870 to 925 MHz. Features include low noise of 1.1 dB (typ), IP3 of 36 dBm (typ), gain of 16 dB (typ), bias of 6 V and power-added efficiency of 26 percent. I/O SWR is 2 (typ), 2.5 (max); gain variation over frequency is ±0.2 (typ), ±0.5 (max); gain variation over temperature is -0.015 dB/°C; and DC current is 180 mA (typ), 250 (max). Typical applications include base stations receivers, tower-mounted low noise amplifiers and smart antenna systems.

MicroWave Technology, Fremont, CA (510) 651-6700.


175 W High Power Amplifier

The model HPA940-175 175 W high power amplifier utilizes class C biasing for the output stages to achieve required efficiency. The amplifier has a manual power output adjustment that can reduce the output level below 20 W and a remote power control with eight user-selectable levels. In addition, the unit includes a TTL control for bias on/off and remote sensors for both SWR and temperature faults, and operates at 26 V DC. Although the amplifier was designed for a 940 MHz paging application, it is also suitable for use in Cellular Digital Packet Data systems. Operating temperature range is from 0° to 50°C. Size: 3.5" x 5.75" x 13".

MPD Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Microwave Power Devices Inc., Hauppauge, NY (516) 231-1400.