Catalog Update


RF Component Catalog

This 24-page catalog contains information on RF components, including amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, linearizers and switches, as well as the Ax Cascade computer-aided scientific amplifier design element. Specifications are listed. Outline drawings are provided.


Philadelphia, PA (215) 464-4000.


Duplexer and Bandpass Filter Catalog

This 10-page catalog outlines duplexers and bandpass filters for personal communications service (PCS) base station systems. Specifications are listed. Outline drawings and an SWR vs. return loss reference table are provided.

Anatech Electronics Inc.,

Garfield, NJ (973) 772-4242.


Product Catalog

This 784-page catalog (Catalog 37) outlines the company's products and services and is available in both printed and CD-ROM versions. Featured material includes detailed product descriptions, specifications and photographs, product planning guides and technical data. The CD-ROM version offers expanded search tools to locate products easily and quickly. Video and animation clips are included to enhance the written text.

Andrew Corp.,

Orland Park, IL (800) 255-1479, ext. 301.


Probe Station Update Catalog

This eight-page catalog describes the company's wafer probing products, including the REL-6100 series semiautomatic probe stations, the Wireless Pyramid Probe, Quadrant air coplanar probes (ACP), impedance-matching ACPs and WinCal vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration software. Features and benefits are listed. Product photographs are provided.

Cascade Microtech Inc.,

Beaverton, OR (503) 626-8245.


Antenna Catalog

This 12-page catalog contains information on the company's design and manufacturing capabilities in the PCS/digital communications system and industrial, scientific and medical frequency bands. An extensive product line features antennas with versatile mounting options that promote effortless installation.

Cushcraft Corp.,

Manchester, NH (603) 627-7877.


Product Catalog

This 68-page catalog details the company's leading products, including RF, microwave and mm-wave single-layer, multilayer and new power capacitors; heat sinks and standoffs; miniature RF blocking networks; self-bias and bias filter networks; substrates and plates; and CapCad version 2 capacitor modeling software. Product photographs, performance graphs and outline drawings are included.

Dielectric Laboratories,

a Dover Technologies company, Cazenovia, NY (315) 655-8710.


Product and Application Catalog

This 24-page catalog describes the company's facilities and capabilities for producing flexible coaxial cables and cable assemblies. Product photographs, outline drawings and performance graphs are included. Electrical and mechanical characteristics are listed.

Flexco Microwave Inc.,

Hackettstown, NJ (800) 843-5392.


Crystal Oscillators Brochure

This four-page brochure describes the Just-in-time™ (JITO™) series crystal oscillators, which reportedly cut the 10-week industry-standard lead time to 10 working days for custom or standard frequency oscillators. Specifications are listed. Outline drawings and ordering information are provided.

Fox Electronics,

Fort Myers, FL (888) 438-2369.


Short-form Catalog

This eight-page catalog describes silicon power transistor solutions for the RF and microwave industry. The company's production capabilities and quality-assurance system are described. Product specifications are listed.

GHz Technology Inc.,

Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-8031.


Capability and Product Catalog

This 74-page catalog details the company's design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as amplifiers, including microwave, ultra-low noise, octave band, multi-octave electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures, radar and communications band, and triband and limiting. Microwave, mechanical and electronic test equipment also is described.

JCA Technology Inc.,

Camarillo, CA (805) 445-9888.


RF Amplifier Catalog

This 42-page catalog contains information on amplifiers operating from 10 kHz to 18 GHz, including econo-line, standard, tube, dual-band and combination amplifiers. Product photographs are provided. Specifications and benefits are listed.

Kalmus, a Thermo Voltek company, Bothell, WA (800) 344-3341

or (425) 485-9000.


Noise Measurement Instrumentation and VNA Calibration Kit Brochures

The 14-page noise measurement instrumentation brochure describes a noise gain analyzer, system noise monitors and noise generators. The six-page VNA calibration kit brochure describes products for accurate, precise calibration of popular VNAs operating from 10 MHz to 110 GHz. Specifications are listed.

Maury Microwave Corp.,

Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.


Coaxial Isolator and Circulator Brochure

This four-page brochure provides an overview of the company's coaxial isolators and circulators, including general, mounting and ordering information. Specifications are listed.

Microwave Technology Corp. (MTC),

a Mitec company,

Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada

(514) 694-6666.


Wireless Designer's Guide

This 38-page designer's guide contains information on amplifiers and control components, including the company's ultra-linear power amplifiers designed for cellular base stations, microcells and wireless local area network systems worldwide. Application notes and data sheets are provided. Specifications and outline drawings are included.

Phoenix Microwave Corp.,

Telford, PA (215) 723-6011.


AGC Amplifier Data Book

This data book details application-specific IC (ASIC) products designed for a variety of wireless communications applications, including the model Q5500 IF receive automatic gain control (AGC) amplifier, the model Q5505 IF transmit AGC amplifier, the model Q0500 receive AGC evaluation board and the model Q0505 transmit AGC evaluation board. Product photographs, performance graphs and schematic drawings are included.

QUALCOMM Inc., ASIC Products,

San Diego, CA (619) 658-5005.


Microwave Antenna and Antenna System Brochure

This six-page brochure details commercial and military microwave antennas and antenna systems designed to operate in the frequency range from 1 to 50 GHz, including waveguide slot arrays, in-flight radome antennas, crosslinking antennas and earth station feeds. The company's in-house design and manufacturing capabilities are also described.

Rantec Microwave & Electronics, Calabasas, CA (800) 218-2708

or (818) 223-5202.


Capability Brochure

This brochure contains information on the company's manufacturing capabilities for precision tube and waveguide in copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and nickel alloy for a range of applications. A poster listing standardized rectangular waveguide sizes is included.

H. Rollet & Co. Ltd.,

Hertford, Herts, UK +44 1992 500818.


Triax Connector Catalog

This 24-page catalog details a range of RF triaxial interconnect products, including the NDL series ultraminiature triaxial connector, the threaded version and the model NDL-Q quick-disconnect version. The Twinax/Triax series contacts and cable assemblies with triaxial connectors and contacts are also described. Specifications are listed. Product photographs and outline drawings are provided.

Sabritec, Irvine, CA (714) 250-1244.


Cost-effective Modulator and Demodulator Product Brochure

This four-page brochure details very small aperture digital demodulator assemblies, including the STEL-9236A series phase-shift keying (PSK) demodulation assembly, the board-level model STEL-1208 bi-PSK (BPSK)/

quadrature PSK (QPSK) modulator assembly and the model STEL-1108 BPSK/QPSK digital modulator ASIC.

Stanford Telecom,

Telecom Component Products Group,

Sunnyvale, CA (408) 745-2660.


Signal Processing Component Catalog

This catalog describes frequency synthesizers, VCOs, mixers, power dividers, directional couplers, filters, phase shifters, transformers, attenuators, modulators/demodulators and doublers. Products added recently to the catalog include frequency synthesizers operating to 2.5 GHz, VCOs operating to 3.5 GHz, distributed element directional couplers, bandpass filters and double-/triple-balanced mixers.

Synergy Microwave Corp.,

Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800.


RF Coaxial Connector Catalog

This 12-page catalog details RF coaxial connectors, including a complete line of 7-16 connectors and a full spectrum of generic and custom designs from SMA to LC/LT type. Product photographs are provided. Specifications, materials and ratings are listed.

Tru-Connector Corp.,

Peabody, MA (800) 262-9878

or (508) 532-0775.


Commercial GaAs Product and Service Brochure

This brochure overviews the company's products and services, including MMIC amplifiers, Schottky diode mixers and power high electron mobility transistor amplifiers. Product data sheets contain assembly notes and describe applications and operating characteristics. Performance graphs are provided.

TRW Space & Electronics Group,

Redondo Beach, CA (310) 814-5749.


Product Capability Catalog

This catalog contains information on the company's state-of-the-art thin-film hybrid and discrete microwave and mm-wave components and subsystems. Features and specifications are listed. Product photographs and outline dimension drawings are provided.

QuinStar Technology Inc. & Cernex Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (408) 541-9226.


RF/Microwave Component and Subassembly Product Catalog

This 22-page catalog details RF and microwave components and subassemblies designed for the wireless and medical industries, including isolators, circulators, directional couplers, power dividers/combiners and a high power transmitter combiner. Features and specifications are listed. Outline drawings and product photographs are provided.

Diversitronix Wireless,

Tampa, FL (813) 273-4431.


Advanced DC/DC Converter Catalog

This 32-page catalog describes the company's DC/DC converters, which reportedly offer the highest DC/DC power densities available. A full line of new converters is detailed, including single-, independent dual- and triple-output models. Product photographs and outline drawings are provided.

International Power Devices (IPD), Boston, MA (888) 473-2668

or (617) 782-3331.


Dual-resonator Filter Catalog

This 32-page catalog contains information on low loss and spurious-free dual-resonator filters. Electrical and mechanical specifications are listed, including frequency range, bandwidth, insertion loss and SWR. Product photographs are provided.


Santa Fe Springs, CA (562) 906-5177.


RF/IF Designer's Guide

This 170-page designer's guide comprises practical articles, definitions of terms, environmental and reliability test procedures, and answers to frequently asked surface-mount technology questions. Complete, up-to-date specifications, prices on the company's signal-processing components and information on the Mini-Circuits Partner Program™ are included.


Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.


RF and Microwave Product Catalog

This 26-page catalog describes the company's capabilities in manufacturing RF and microwave components and subassemblies for the wireless, medical and high reliability space and defense industries. Features and specifications are listed. Product photographs are provided.

Renaissance Electronics Corp. (REC), Boxborough, MA (508) 263-4994.


RF and Microwave Filter Catalog

This 68-page catalog contains information on RF and microwave filters covering the frequency range from 1 MHz to 20 GHz. (Models include highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band reject.) Performance graphs and product photographs are provided.

Salisbury Engineering Inc.,

Salisbury, MD (410) 543-2141.


Wireless Communications Product Catalog

This 240-page catalog describes the company's products and GaAs manufacturing services. Data sheets are provided for standard IC products as well as application notes and evaluation board productivity kits to assist RF system designers in choosing integrated devices to meet design requirements. Packaging services are also highlighted.

TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.,

Wireless Communications Division, Hillsboro, OR (503) 615-9000.