T1G2028536RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for TriQuint’s T1G2028536, a 285 W GaN transistor available in a low thermal resistance, solder mount package as the T1G2028536–FS or flange mount package as the T1G2028536–FL.

Both the –FS and -FL house the transistor in a ceramic NI-780 enclosure. Operating from DC to 2GHz, the T1G2028536–FS and T1G2028536–FL provide 18dB of linear gain at 1.2GHz and operate from a 36V source drawing 576mA.

Applicable to commercial and military radar, both T1G2028536–FS and T1G2028536–FL are input prematched for L-band operation. Additional applications include professional and military communications, wideband amplifiers and avionics. Both devices boast efficiency ratings up to 65% in optimized circuits.