Times Microwave Systems has recently announced the availability of the EZ-500-NMH-X type N no-solder male (plug) straight connector for LMR-500 low loss coaxial cable. The new crimp-style connector does not require soldering of the center conductor into the contact making it perfect for field installations and they also do not require braid trimming!  The EZ-500-NMH-X is compatible with the CST-500 cable prep tool and the HX-4 (with Y151 dies) crimp tool.

The new connector has these advanced features and benefits:

  • Combination hex/knurl coupling nut
  • No soldering required (EZ spring finger contact
  • Tri-metal plating instead of silver (eliminates tarnishing)
  • No braid trimming needed
  • Chamfered cable entry hole for ease of termination
  • Ridged landing area on the aft end for better grip and sealing of the heat shrink boot
  • Excellent impedance matching for low VSWR

Part Number          Stock Code     Description                                                                                                                 List Price

EZ-500-NMH-X      3190-2596      N-male (plug) crimp (non-solder pin) hex/knurl nut, no braid trim                  $21.00/ea