2013-11-43 SOM-67314308-15-M1 V Band Broadband Mechanically Tuned Gunn OscillatorModel SOM-67314308-15-M1 is a free running V band mechanically tuned Gunn oscillator with +8 dBm output power from 60.0 to 74.0 GHz. It is composed of a Ka band broadband mechanically tuned Gunn oscillator which can produce +20 dBm output power with +/-3.5 GHz bandwidth and a V band passive X2 multiplier which converts 30.0 to 37.0 GHz/+20 dBm input signal to deliver + 8 dBm typical output power in the frequency range of 60 to 74 GHz.

The mechanical tuning is accomplished via a micrometer. The DC bias condition of the oscillator is +5.5 Vdc/650 mA typically. The oscillator is also bias tunable to allow frequency modulation via its bias port.  The broad band mechanically tuned Gunn oscillator family also includes the models to cover Ka and W band.