Azimuth has announced the evolution of its over-the-air test platform, developed to measure and analyze performance of mobile devices in their native states, under real-world conditions. Intelligent Over-The-Air (iOTA) revolutionizes lab testing by enabling device performance to be tested through the complete radio frequency (RF) chain under highly configurable scenarios, including playback of data from drive routes to emulate actual and familiar network conditions.

In addition to traditional throughput tests, iOTA also includes application automation to run test cases simulating typical subscriber usage. While most solutions in the industry stop at running the test, iOTA provides end-to-end functionality by allowing users to precisely correlate user experience results with network information for enhances root cause isolation.

Azimuth's over-the-air platform has been accepted in a Tier 1 operator's mobile device test plan, and in the labs of the top global device OEMs. Azimuth is also actively participating in the standards process for over-the-air performance testing. Read more about iOTA.