Anatech Electronics

Bandpass Filter
The AB897B599 cavity bandpass filter has a passband of 890 to 905 MHz, low insertion loss of 0.75 dB, and high rejection of 70 dB from 935 to 955 MHz. Passband ripple is less than 0.2 dB and return loss is at least 18 dB. The filter measures 88 × 167.4 × 46 mm and uses SMA female connectors.
Anatech Electronics,

Hittite Microwave Corp


\\Reflective Switch
The HMC1084LC4 is a broadband reflective GaAs MESFET SP4T switch that provides frequency coverage from 23 to 30 GHz, and is controlled with 0/-3V logic. The HMC1084LC4 SP4T switch exhibits fast switching speed of 15 ns (rise and fall times) and consumes much less DC current than PIN diode based solutions. With an input signal of 30 GHz, the HMC1084LC4 exhibits 11 dB return loss, 26 dB isolation and only 2.8 dB insertion loss.
Hittite Microwave Corp.,


Directional Coupler
KRYTAR announced a new directional coupler operating in the frequency range of 4 to 20 GHz offering nominal coupling of 30 dB in an extremely compact package. Model 104020030 delivers frequency sensitivity of ±0.7 dB. Directivity is >15 dB. The coupler exhibits insertion loss of < 0.60 dB across the full frequency range including coupled power. Maximum VSWR at any port is 1.35, input power rating is 20 W average and 3 KW peak. Operating temperature is -54° to +85°C.

Passive Plus Inc

Broadband Capacitor
The PPI 0201BB104KW160 is a 100 nF capacitor and offers resonance-free, low loss operation from 16 KHz (-3 dB point) to > 50 GHz at 16 V with an insertion loss of <1 dB. The applications for which these parts are intended require small, surface-mountable (SMT) devices with low insertion losses and reflections across RF frequencies extending from the tens of KHz to the tens of GHz, and temperatures typically ranging from –55° to +125°C.
Passive Plus Inc.,

Peregrine Semiconductor

SPDT RF Switch
Peregrine Semiconductor introduced the industry’s first SPDT RF switch to offer Gigabit Wi-Fi access-point designers 50 times more isolation (41 dB at 6 GHz) and 10 times better linearity (65 dBm IIP3) than other solutions. Based on UltraCMOS® technology, the new PE42423 exceeds stringent 802.11ac standards and delivers equally high performance at either 3.3 or 5 V. The switch helps networking vendors meet carrier-grade Wi-Fi data-rate and capacity demands while improving the signal quality and performance of access points.
Peregrine Semiconductor,

Raditek Inc

Isolators and Circulators
Raditek’s Octave Band isolators and circulators are a cost effective solution for wide- band frequency applications. This model covers 4 to 8 GHz with 150 W of reverse power and 150 W of forward power. Power options available are: 110, 150, 200 and 250 W. Typical specifications: 0.4 dB insertion loss, 18 dB isolation and VSWR 1.3:1. Operating temp. range from –30° to +70°C. Dimensions: 83 (W) × 55.2 (L) × 21.5 (H) mm. These units are proven in the field and are fully RoHS compliant.
Raditek Inc.,

Relcomm Technologies

Waveguide Mount Relay
Relcomm is offering a new 18 GHz microstrip/co-planer waveguide mount relay in a 1P2T configuration. This “pin out” device provides greater layout and packaging density measuring just 0.900" Sq. × 0.550" high. The relay provides exceptional RF performance to 18 GHz (1.50:1 VSWR max, 0.50 IL max & 60 dB min ISOL). Typical uses include standby applications, input/output swapping and developing switch matrices. It can be configured with a failsafe or latching actuator and is available in 12 and 28 V dc operation.
Relcomm Technologies,


Directional Couplers
RLC Electronics’ high power directional couplers offer accurate coupling, low insertion loss and high directivity in a compact package. The standard units are optimized for 2 octave bandwidths and are available with a choice of coupling values. These units are ideal for sampling forward and reflected power with a negligible effect on the transmission line and very low intermodulation products. The couplers offer 2 to 40 GHz, single and dual directional; up to and beyond 500 W average; and various connector options.
RLC Electronics,

RLC Electronics

SV Microwave has officially been approved by DLA as the only QPL source for qualified M3933/30 (DC-32 GHz) attenuators. SV’s line has the precision, quality and performance using 2.92mm connectors for the frequency range DC through 32 GHz. The company’s dB values range from 0.5 to 30 dB with low VSWR and flat attenuation. SV also offers screened and non-screened versions, so please visit its website or email for more information.
SV Microwave,

SV Microwave

180 Degree Hybrid
The 3 port 180 degree hybrid, model DJK-2120, covers a wide frequency range of 20 to 1200 MHz (BW 60:1) with excellent performance. It is built in a rugged coaxial SMA RoHS package, with excellent insertion loss of 1.8 dB (max.) and isolation of 20 dB minimum. Outputs are matched for amplitude unbalance (0.4 dB max.) and phase unbalance (4 degree max.). Maximum RF power is 1 W. It measures 1.25" × 1.25" × 0.75".
Synergy Microwave Corp.,

TriQuint Semiconductor

SPDT Switch
The TriQuint TQP4M0008 is a packaged GaAs FET single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch. It is a low loss reflective switch that provides 0.1 to 6 GHz broadband performance. The TQP4M0008 is operated using a DC supply for control signals operating from 1.8 to 5 V. It is packaged in a RoHS-compliant, compact 2 × 2 mm surface-mount leadless package. This SPDT switch can be used in wireless infrastructure, test and measurement, or can be used for any general purpose wireless application.
TriQuint Semiconductor,


CTS Electronic Components Inc.

HCMOS Crystal Clock Oscillator
Model 680 offers many key features for applications requiring the performance and long term reliability of a crystal clock oscillator. The hermetically sealed 5 × 7 mm surface mount package protects the component from rugged environmental conditions. It operates at a frequency range between 20 kHz to 100 MHz. It features excellent stability (±50 ppm over –55° to +180°C temperature range), low phase noise (-170 dBc/Hz at noise floor) and ultra-low jitter (<80fsec).
CTS Electronic Components Inc.,


X-Band Core Chip
MACOM announced the industry’s first integrated core chip for the 8 to 11 GHz frequency range. Containing 6 bits of phase control, 6 bits of attenuation control and 26 dB of gain, MACOM’s core chip is an easy to use serial/parallel interface in a surface mount QFN package. Ideal for commercial radar applications, this integrated MMIC enables radar systems in early detection and warning for severe impending weather.


Frequency Mixer
Mini-Circuits’ ceramic surface mount wideband frequency mixer features wide bandwidth, 7.3 to 19 GHz; low conversion loss, 6.2 dB typ.; high L-R isolation, 33 dB typ.; excellent IF BW, DC to 7.5 GHz; LTCC double balanced mixer; tiny size, low profile,0.08"; useable as up and down converter; aqueous washable; and it is protected under US Patent 7,027,795. Applications include ?xed satellite, mobile and radio location.

Rakon Ltd

Miniature TCXO
Rakon pioneered the world’s first 0.5 ppm TCXO for GPS applications and announced the extension of its product offering to include the RIT2016C model TCXO. The RIT2016C minimizes power consumption in portable devices to extend the battery life. Operating at a 1.2 V supply voltage, the RIT2016C reduces power consumption even further with the additional benefit of the enable-disable mode to deliver better power management. The RIT2016C is available in the small form factor 2.0 × 1.6 mm.
Rakon Ltd.,

Renaissance Electronics & Communications LLC/HXI LLC

Renaissance has developed a new X-Band iso-adapter that is designed for High Rel applications requiring waveguide to coaxial transition. Operating between 8.2 and 12.4 GHz, the iso-adapter provides 0.5 dB of loss and 18 dB of reverse isolation. The output is WR90 for the waveguide interface with UG135/U flange. Input is a type N-Female connector.
Renaissance Electronics & Communications LLC/HXI LLC,

Times Microwave Systems

No-Solder Connectors
Times Microwave Systems has recently announced the availability of the EZ-400-BM-X BNC no-solder male (plug) straight connector and EZ-400-BM-RA-X BNC no-solder, male (plug) right angle connector for LMR-400 low loss coaxial cable. The new crimp-style connectors do not require soldering of the center conductor into the contact making these connectors perfect for field installations and do not require braid trimming. They are also compatible with the CST-400 cable prep tool and either the CT-400/300 or HX-4 (with Y1719 dies) crimp tools.
Times Microwave Systems,

Z-Communications Inc

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer
Z-Communications announced a new RoHS compliant fixed frequency synthesizer model SFS10000C-LF in X-Band. The SFS10000C-LF is a single frequency synthesizer that operates at 10 GHz. This synthesizer features a typical phase noise of -100 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset and typical sideband spurs of -70 dBc. This fixed frequency synthesizer features typical 2nd harmonic suppression of -30 dBc and comes in Z-Comm’s standard SFS-L1 package measuring 1" × 1" × 0.22".
Z-Communications Inc.,


Aethercomm Inc

High Power SSPA
Aethercomm has recently completed a high power X-Band SSPA using a GaN with a frequency range covering 8,600 to 10,200 MHz, Aethercomm part number SSPA 8.6-10.2-100. This amplifier offers high power with ex-cellent power added efficiency. This high power SSPA produces 100 W across the band. The amplifier design includes an external DC blanking command that enables and disables the module in less than 10 uSec and is housed in an 7.0"(w) × 8.7"(l) × 1.1"(h) module.
Aethercomm Inc.,

API Technologies Corp

Millimeter-Wave Amplifier
API Technologies introduced a standard 44 GHz millimeterwave (MMW) amplifier to its family of products. It features an ultra-high frequency, two-stage design for high gain and medium power, and is enclosed in a rugged laser welded SMA-connectorized housing. BXHF1075 offers both high efficiency and extreme stability with 13 dB of return loss, all while generating 30 dB of gain and +17 dBm of output power off a +15 V supply. It also incorporates an internal voltage regulator to accommodate either +12 or +15 V.
API Technologies Corp.,

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

Hybrid Amplifier Module
AR’s new hybrid power module (HPM) is a broadband Class A power amplifier, which operates from a single DC voltage with 42 dB small signal gain and excellent gain flatness, load tolerance and harmonics. The HPM has a built-in over voltage protection and is also available in Class AB when efficiency and higher power is required.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation,

Custom MMIC

Driver Amplifier
Custom MMIC introduced the CMD191C4 to its growing MMIC library of standard products. The CMD191C4 is a GaAs MMIC driver amplifier housed in a leadless, RoHs compliant, 4 × 4 mm surface mount package. It offers high output power and low current consumption. Ideally suited for complex communications systems where small size and high linearity are needed, the device operates from 4 to 10 GHz and delivers 20 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of greater than +21 dBm.
Custom MMIC,

Eclipse Microdevices

Low Noise Amplifier
Eclipse Microdevices’ EMD1715 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMPT distributed general purpose LNA. It has a small signal gain of 14 dB with noise figure less than 1.8 dB at 6 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that require a typical P1dB output power of +20 dBm up to 12 GHz, while requiring only 103 mA from a +5 V supply. The EMD1715 comes in a small RoHS compliant 4 mm QFN leadless package and this package has excellent RF and thermal properties.
Eclipse Microdevices,

Electro-Photonics LLC

Wideband PA
Electro-Photonics LLC announced the availability of a wideband power amplifier operating from 0.7 to 4.2 GHz. Its new EPA-0742P1-SF uses the latest GaN technology to achieve a gain of 46 dB and an exceptional gain flatness of ±1 dB. This amplifier provides 30 dBm output power in a very small package (6.49" × 2.87" × 1.89").
Electro-Photonics LLC,

Empower RF Systems Inc

L-Band HPA
This recent and unique SATCOM solution delivers 2 kW P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in L-Band and a companion product delivers 800 W P1dB (CW, digital modulated signal) in S-Band.The 2 kW L-Band HPA is a GaN based design and housed in an amazingly small 5U chassis. The amplifier control and power supply unit is based separately in a 3U chassis. The 800 W S-Band unit is also a GaN based design and self-contained (with power supply) in a 5U chassis.
Empower RF Systems Inc.,



Planar Monolithics Industries Inc

Low Noise Amplifier
PMI Model No. POB-15-818-13-LCA Rev.B is an 8 to 18 GHz, low noise amplifier that provides 15 dB of gain while maintaining a gain flatness of ±1.5 dB typically over the operating frequency. The noise figure is 3 dB typical and offers a typical OP1dB of +13 dBm. The amplifier requires +12 V DC and has a typical current draw of 75 mA. The unit is supplied with removable SMA(F) connectors in PMI’s standard PE2 housing.
Planar Monolithics Industries Inc.,

QuinStar Technologies Inc

Wideband Amplifier
QuinStar Technologies Inc. introduced the QPW-71803014-S1 E-Band power amplifiers. The QPW model of E-Band amplifiers come with some of the widest industry frequency ranges, such as 71 to 86 GHz, a gain of 30 dB and output power available up to +30 dBm depending on the frequency range and bandwidth. The wide bandwidth of these amplifiers makes them ideally suited for broadband MMW communications systems and other broad spectrum systems applications.
QuinStar Technologies Inc.,


Low Noise Amplifiers
Richardson RFPD introduced three new LNAs from WanTcom The WHM0913R LNA operates from 900 to 1250 MHz, is fully-matched to 50 ohms and is designed to meet rugged MIL-STD-883 standards. The WBA0010A LNA operates from 10 to 1000 MHz, offers high linearity and exceptional gain flatness, is fully-matched to 50 ohms, has standard SMA-connectorized, WP-11 gold plated housing, and is designed to meet MIL-STD-202. The WMA32C 32.19 MHz low noise pre-amplifier features 3.0 ohm input impedance and built-in ESD protection.
WanTcom, distributed by
Richardson RFPD Inc.,

SAGE Millimeter Inc

E-Band LNA
Model SBL-7438433060-1212-S1 is an E-Band low noise amplifier with center frequency at 79 GHz with ± 5 GHz operation bandwidth. The amplifier is designed and fabricated for emerging automotive ACC radar industry applications. The amplifier exhibits more than 30 dB small signal gain with ±2 dB gain flatness and around 6 dB noise figure. The output P1dB of the amplifier is +5 dBm typical and it draws 200 mA current from a single DC power supply in the range of +8 to +15 V.
SAGE Millimeter Inc.,


Signal Antenna Systemsâ?? (SAS)

Log Periodic
Signal Antenna Systems’ (SAS) SA LP700-1 log periodic can be used for transmit/rcv and covers 0.7 to 2.7 GHz. It comes with a positioning handle, which allows the user to manually aim the antenna and vary the polarization. It is designed for field use/surveillance and covers all cellular bands.
Signal Antenna Systems’ (SAS),



High-Speed Materials
Isola Group S.a.r.l. announced its new low loss, low skew, high-speed material, GigaSync™. This product has been engineered to eliminate skew issues in high-speed designs that use differential pairs to create a balanced transmission system able to carry differential (equal and opposite) signals across a printed circuit board. The company will immediately begin alpha site testing of GigaSync and expects field validation using industry-standard Test Vehicles (TV) to be completed by November 2013.
Isola Group S.a.r.l.,

Isola Group S.a.r.l

Flux Coating
Indium Corp. introduced a new, high-reliability, low-voiding flux coating for solder preforms. LV1000 reduces false failures while increasing productivity, throughput yields, and component performance. This new halide-free (ROL0) material is especially suited for assembly processes in which the components don’t allow for proper outgassing of volatized flux. LV1000 provides a durable, level, clear coating that does not clog pick and place equipment, even in automated assembly processes. It offers complete coverage, even with a weight percentage as low as 0.5 percent.
Indium Corp.,

Processing Equipment

West Bond Inc

Wire Bonder
Model 7KE Series, a flexible manual wire bonder, bonds Au, Al and Cu in Wedge-Wedge mode at 45 degree feed of the wire and 90 degree feed of the wire for deep access. Ribbon bonding is performed in the 90 degree mode. Ball-Wedge bonding Au wire is performed in deep access as well. This machine is available in both 64 and 110 kHz ultrasonics. The Gantry style ESD protected chassis allows for unlimited part size, orthogonal X-Y-Z axis and its patented X-Y-Z 8/1 Ration Micromanipulator.
West•Bond Inc.,

Test Equipment

Digital Subsystem
EADS North America Test and Service launched its second generation Talon Instruments™ high-speed digital testing system for both legacy replacement and new test stations. The T940 digital subsystem, a single-wide, VXI 4.0-compatible module, provides a complete state-of-the-art digital solution at either a subsystem level or at a fully integrated system level. The T940 digital resource module (DRM) features dual sequencers that can function independently or synchronously for timing, memory, and control of the two front end modules automatically.
EADS North America Test and Service,