Centellax announced it will offer another level of integration to its highly successful linear modulator driver product line.

The OA3MM2C is an amplifier IC chip set containing one input amplifier chip and one output amplifier chip. The small footprint, superb performance, and low cost, is perfect for transponder integration. A user could assemble multiple channels to meet application integration needs by using the chip set as a building block.

The OA3MM2C has gain and power levels that are ideally suited for advanced optical modulation formats such as DP-16QAM at 32 Gbaud and beyond. It is also suitable for broadband 32 Gb/s DP-QPSK applications with higher input amplitude signal.

Features of the OA3MM2C chip set include:

  • 32 Gbaud IC Amplifier Chip Set
  • 20 dB gain overall
  • Linear and limiting applications
  • Small die footprints 1640 x 920 um - (64.6 x 36.2 mil) per chip Integrated temperature sensors
  • Integrated power detectors
  • Building block for multiple channels
  • 1.4 W typical power dissipation per chip set operating in linear mode
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Flat group delay

“Our Linear Modules and Linear Driver Chipset have been very well received by our DP-16QAM and DP-QPSK customer base. With superior bandwidth, flatness, noise, and amplitude linearity, we believe Centellax Linear products are the best on the market. These features have helped Centellax with key design wins with our tier one customers,” states Jay de la Barre, Centellax vice president of worldwide sales.

Centellax currently offers both a dual-input and quad-input module version of this chip set and plans soon to offer a surface-mount option. For more information on these products please visit www.centellax.com or contact sales@centellax.com.