SC1894RFMW Stocks Scintera RF PA Linearizer for Small Cells

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Scintera Networks SC1894 radio frequency power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL). As power amplifiers are driven into saturation they increase in both efficiency and distortion. The SC1894 injects a correction signal at the input of the PA in order to minimize distortion at the output of the PA. The result is higher output power from the PA and increased efficiency.

Scintera's SC1894 closed-loop and adaptive linearizer provides significant advantages in small cell applications over traditional digital predistortion (DPD) solutions or operating the amplifier in back off. Advantages include: reduced overall BOM costs, reduced system power consumption, reduced PCB and overall system volume, and faster time to market.

Scintera's SC1894 supports any process technology or amplifier architecture including LDMOS, GaAs, GaN, InGaP – Doherty, Class A/AB with power output up to 80W. Frequency coverage is from 225-3800MHz with signal bandwidth from 1MHz up to 75MHz. The Scintera SC1894 RFPAL solution consumes approximately 1 watt of power versus >5W with traditional DPD solutions. Real world design comparisons show up to 50% reduction in BOM costs with RFPAL.