CST STUDIO SUITE® 2013 introduced several new features – most notably, the new Ribbon-based interface. We’re pleased to say that customer feedback has been positive, and their comments steered the development of Service Pack 2, which is currently being distributed through the Automatic Update System.

Alongside some fixes, SP2 also includes several new features demanded by our customers. These features cover a range of applications, from PCBs and MIMO antenna arrays to accelerator cavities and low-frequency devices.


The main new features in SP2 are:

    • Deformation sensitivity analysis in the eigenmode solver (see image)
    • Materials with time-dependent conductivity for the transient solver
    • Anisotropic thin-film materials in the GPU TLM solver
    • New weighting functions for MIMO (farfield result template)
    • NFS export for field source monitor results
  • CST PCB STUDIO® and EDA simulation tools
    • Pull-up components
    • Import tools for Zuken CR-8000 layouts
    • Curved mesh elements in the magnetoquasistatic and full wave LF solvers (SP1 already included curved elements for the magnetostatic solver)
    • Particle interfaces in the GPU PIC solver

Service Pack 2 does not mark the end of development of CST STUDIO SUITE 2013, of course. In order to react quickly to continuous user feedback, additional service packs will be released regularly throughout the year. The primary focus of every service pack is fixing reported problems; new features are included only when we are sure that the overall quality and stability is not detrimentally affected. Each service pack is tested thoroughly before release to ensure that it maintains the stability and accuracy of the software. There should be no disadvantage in upgrading from an earlier version, and therefore we strongly recommend always installing the latest released Service Pack.

For more information, please contact your local CST office.