Pulse Electronics Corp., a leading provider of electronic components, introduces the mLUX translucent flex antenna, which enables more innovative, creative, and impressive design effects for mobile devices. The mLUX is an invisible antenna concept. It allows light and color to shine through the translucent device cover, offering multiple options for industrial design. When integrated into the display, the antenna enables increased use of metal on the back cover of the handset.

"We are excited about the possibilities this new, innovative, translucent flex antenna offers," said Maritta Timosaari, marketing director, Pulse Electronics Wireless Division. "Industrial design plays a very important role in the global mobile device market. This translucent flex antenna enables industrial design freedom."

The mLUX flex antenna provides state-of-the-art RF performance. The antenna can be placed as far away as possible from the ground plane and the user's hand, improving performance significantly. The device thickness can be reduced while achieving the same performance as standard flex antenna solutions.

This antenna concept offers numerous integration and assembly possibilities. The antenna can be assembled to the display, covers, or a separate carrier with adhesive or, alternatively, it can be molded between clear and opaque plastics. When the antenna is placed near the display, smaller feeding elements can be used, reducing the total volume needed for the antenna.

Total thickness of the flex is 130-185µm with a copper (Cu) thickness of 12µm. Non-pattern areas are filled with mesh to achieve a surface that is equally reflective throughout. The Cu mesh line-width is 12-20µm with 300µm pitch and the flex transmittance is typically around 80%.

The antenna can be used with all mobile connected devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets and is compatible with any radiator RF concept. The concept is suitable for cellular and complementary applications.

 The mLUX is an extension of Pulse Electronics' flex antenna product family. These RoHS compliant antennas are customized for each application and design and are available and ready for volume manufacture. More information can be found on the mLUX datasheet at www.pulseelectronics.com/file.php?3842 and on the Pulse web site at www.pulseelectronics.com/mLUX