AWR has posted a university success story detailing how Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) evaluated AWR’s Microwave Office RF and microwave design software as well as its AXIEM EM simulator for university research and education programs. Evaluators redesigned an existing compact and high selectivity dual-band, dual-mode bandpass filter for GPS and WLAN applications. The software successfully overcame the design challenge of interference between the main signal path and the folded arms of the resonator, while improving the frequency selectivity and stopband performance of the filter.

NUAA was searching for a more user-friendly, integrated alternative to the current set of high-frequency design tools used in the classroom. After a very successful evaluation, it was decided to use AWR’s high-frequency design tools for the curriculum. NUAA was particularly impressed with the flexibility and integration within the AWR Design Environment™ that enabled seamless switching between circuit and full EM simulation models at various stages of the design, resulting in an efficient, robust, and user-error resilient design process.

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