The recently released edition 3 of IEC 61000-4-3 outlines a new requirement for testing up to 6 GHz, presenting those EMC labs with an existing amplifier capability up to 3 GHz with a procurement challenge of how best to fill this gap. The new MILMEGA 2.5 to 6 GHz range of amplifiers is designed to do just this. In addition, it provides the perfect solution for testing against the WiMax requirements.

Designed to extend current 3 GHz capability with the minimum of fuss, the AS2560 range has all the positive attributes of the existing Series 2000 range. It is upgradeable in power by the simple addition of power modules and offers the best power density for broadband amplification. It is also backward compatible with existing MILMEGA amplifiers offering the tantalising prospect of a simple conversion to a 0.8 to 6 GHz capability for current MILMEGA customers. The product is covered by the MILMEGA five-year warranty – a service unique to MILMEGA.