At very high frequencies, signal propagation and transmission line effects on PCBs tend to happen earlier and become prominent. PCBs may also exhibit multiple resonances and power decoupling becomes more challenging than ever before. To overcome these challenges, PCB designers and engineers can count on the new EMSCAN EHX to verify the impact of rerouting signals or modifying PCB layout or materials used on the PCBs.

EHX is the only real-time EMC and EMI diagnostic tool that enables them to test ultra-high speed (>2GHz) PCBs their lab-bench. With EHX, Wi-Fi designers and manufacturers can for example conduct tests and debug EMC and signal integrity problems up to the third harmonic. EHX enables design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz up and 8 GHz. 

It’s also crucial for the PCB Designers and Engineers to clearly identify the return current path of the high speed signals. The real-time spatial scan mode in EHX will allow them to see how emissions are distributed on the board, whether there is ground bounce, ringing or crosstalk to ensure there is no coupling.

EHX allows engineers to uniquely visualize the root causes of potential EMC and EMI problems on ultra-high speed PCBs.