RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for Sangshin Elecom ceramic monoblock filters targeting digital pre-distortion (DPD) applications where anti-aliasing filters are required to improve system performance. Sangshin offers a complete line of filters with bandwidths of 400 MHz, 360 MHz, and 300 MHz in all popular cellular frequencies. The MBP56RC2N2590C400A has a center frequency of 2590 MHz with a 400 MHz band width and offers 30 dB of rejection at 2290 MHz. Bandpass insertion loss is only 3 dB and theMBP56RC2N2590C400A can handle up to 1 W CW of RF power. The MBP56RC2N2590C400A is housed in a compact 30 x 8 x 6 mm package. This Sangshin DPD filter is also available with a 300 MHz BW (MBP56RC2N2590C300A) and a 360 MHz BW (MBP56RC2N2590C360A) with comparable specifications. DPD filters for additional center frequencies are listed in an interactive DPD matrix available at http://www.rfmw.com/data/Sangshin_DPD_Summary.pdf.

Sangshin filters can be customized to specific performance criteria by contacting RFMW. Samples are available for qualified requirements through RFMW Ltd.

MBP56RC2N2590C300A - Filter, Monoblock, 2590 MHz, 300 MHz BW

MBP56RC2N2590C360A  - Filter, Monoblock, 2590 MHz, 360 MHz BW 

MBP56RC2N2590C400A  - Filter, Monoblock, 2590 MHz, 400 MHz BW 

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