European Microwave Week is a chance for SÜSS MicroTec to get our message across to a specific audience of potential customers in a very personal way. Our solutions are technical, and although the Internet is a very important tool for us to communicate with our customers, it is always very useful to demonstrate the solutions and explain, in person, how we can provide measurable benefits. Furthermore, we’re able to meet a lot of industry leaders during the Week. In fact, just a couple of years ago, we had a deep-level discussion with a leading researcher about testing RF devices at cryogenic temperatures. This could only happen at a forum like European Microwave Week.

As a centre for research and development, Europe needs an event where people can come together to present research, exchange ideas and discuss current solutions. SÜSS believes that EuMW fulfils those needs by providing a quality forum for the RF and microwave industry. Importantly, the excellent conferences and seminars that run alongside the exhibition attract those actively involved in development. So, for a company aiming to provide pioneering solutions for our customers’ changing needs, these conferences give us the opportunity to present our research. In addition, we are also able to gauge the state of the industry and get a good overview of the newest trends and ideas. As a consequence, this helps us to remain agile and responsive in an industry that is constantly changing and innovating.

As well as giving technical presentations SÜSS will, of course, be exhibiting and offering a truly ‘hands-on’ experience, which is certainly something that the people who visit our stand appreciate. Furthermore, we can support the exhibition with our know-how and experience from a company that has been in the RF semiconductor industry since its beginnings.

Of course, companies and institutions from outside Europe participate in European Microwave Week because it provides the opportunity to reach a wide audience. It is a forum to exchange information and bounce ideas and solutions off people from a cross section of our industry. For us, this exchange has led to many successful relationships with suppliers and customers from Europe and the rest of the world.

One way or another, SÜSS has been a part of EuMW since 1999 and from an organizational perspective, it has become more professional, concentrating on providing a unique experience for everyone involved, from visitors, through presenters of papers to exhibitors. Importantly too, the number of visitors has increased significantly, but in a very sustainable way.

As for 2006, the key challenge facing SÜSS MicroTec is to provide the best wafer-level RF test solutions for meeting our customers’ needs. This means convincing our customers that we have the expertise, experience and energy to solve their unique problems. When we show them — actually sit down with them behind a SUSS probe system — that our solutions provide value for them and their customers, then we have succeeded as a business.

The same is true for European Microwave Week. The key challenge is to strengthen the Week as the premier event for the RF and microwave industry by making it of value to companies participating and likewise for their customers. Just like SÜSS, the key arguments and selling points that European Microwave Week brings to the table are critical to its success. To find out more visit us on Stand 533.