51gigalinkIn an effort to address customer inputs and in the spirit of our commitment to continuous improvement, the Renaissance/HXI extremely low latency GigaLink LightSpeed radio link has been improved for ease of deployment and increased range performance.

The first major change is an antenna design with improved performance and an associated robust mounting configuration. The improved antenna efficiency offers increased range and the superior mount makes antenna installation and pointing easier, thereby reducing installation costs.

Both one and two foot antennas are now available in easy to connect clip-on designs with dual polarization for higher capacity up to 2.5 Gbps. Increase in power output and decrease in receiver noise have led to significant improvements in range and fade margin.

Output power options up to +23 dBm with noise reduction of 2 dB or more dramatically increase system gain, complemented by the improved antenna. We are currently working toward even higher powers (up to +27 dBm) for even longer ranges and better fade margins. The increase in range further improves net system latency which is already among the lowest in the industry. Latency for back to back radios is less than 4 nanoseconds.

For either datasheet visit the web site.