Wichita, KS.–July 30, 2008–Aeroflex today announced the release of Version 1.7.4 software for the Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set that includes support for Motorola’s Astro SmartNet™/SmartZone™ systems. Included in this release is support for rebanded channels in the 800 MHz band. This new software is available for all 3900 Series products currently in the field, including the 3901, the 3902 and the new 3920 Series.

“The 3900 continues to prove its flexibility with the addition of the Motorola SmartNet™/SmartZone™ technology,” said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing for Aeroflex. “This new capability provides users of Astro systems with both analog and digital P25 test capabilities. Plus, with the rebanding feature, users can now test radios that have been rebanded for proper operation.”

Aeroflex is a licensee of the SmartNet™/SmartZone™ technology from Motorola. Aeroflex currently provides a wide range of features for a number of Motorola radio technologies, including Project 25 and HPD®.

In addition, the 3900 Series now supports additional tests with the 1.7.4 software including:

· Motorola Linear Simulcast Modulation for testing the latest Simulcast Systems being released by Motorola.
· Support for Survey Technologies Field Test 6 Software. Now, users of the 3900 Series can improve and automate the acquisition, analysis and display of signal strength across a given terrain to include P25 signals. Field Test 6 has expanded the drive-test measurement concept to include indoor measurement and analysis for applications where GPS is not available.
· Auto-Test II TIA-603 Software. Analog radio designers and servicers can now test their radio to the TIA-603 Land Mobile Radio Measurement and Performance Standards. This Auto-Test II application allows users of the 3900 to verify radio performance to this TIA standard.
· DCS/DTMF decode. To further support analog radio testing, the 3900 Series with software version 1.7.4 now supports DCS and DTMF decode.

Price and availability
This new option for SmartNet™/SmartZone™ support will be available for US$4,000.00 under option number 390XOPT207. The Linear Simulcast testing option will be available for US$8,000.00 under option number 390XOPT204. The TIA-603 Test Application will be available for US$1,000.00 under option number 390XOPT603. DCS and DTMF decode will be supported as a standard feature in the 1.7.4 release, as will the support for the Field Test 6 Software. All software functions will be available in September 2008. For more information, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting www.aeroflex.com or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352.