A line of modular, highly reliable, solid-state systems for upgrading virtually all military and commercial radar transmitters with vacuum electron devices (VEDs) is available from Diversified Technologies Inc. of Bedford, MA.

DTI Radar Transmitter Systems include switching power supplies, all solid-state pulse modulators and controls and feature full pulse flexibility from 50 ns to 10 ms and fully flexible pulse frequencies from UHF to W band. Suitable for new and retrofit radar installations, these transmitter systems are capable of driving 10 to 200 kV cathodes and provide 10 to 50 percent greater power efficiency and higher reliability than vacuum tube based systems.

Manufactured to customer requirements, DTI Radar Transmitter Systems provide > 99 percent switching efficiency, < 500 ns switching times, pulse frequencies to 100 KHz, depending upon load, and 10 kW to Megawatt average power. All systems are designed to fully address EMI and safety concerns and can be packaged in commercial racks and ruggedized military enclosures.

DTI Radar Transmitter Systems are priced from $100,000.00 up, supplied with a fully integrated controller. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.